Many of you have met and worked with Beth over the years.  Some of you may have known that she’s been ill for several months.  Some of you may not know that she passed over yesterday around noon.

I met Beth through patients that we both cared for.  For many years, Beth provided homeopathy consultations in the greater Philadelphia area, mostly doing home visits although she has worked in other medical practices in the past.  Several years ago when she moved to Brick, NJ, she started mentioning to some patients how difficult it would be to do that hour long drive, then spend the day driving around to different homes to see her clients.  So a few of them came to me and said “Hey, don’t you have space for her?”

Having Beth join MIB was a riot.  Although she was only here one day a week, she was like a cool breeze on a hot day…..she’d saunter into the building, usually wearing some crazy bright outfit, full of smiles even if the traffic had been crazy.  She was the first to ask if we had plans for a party (anytime!) and was quick to invite us all to the shore for gatherings.  Her patients are among the most dedicated I’ve ever seen; it was lovely to watch her work with them.

During the late winter and spring, she became fatigued and short of breath.  It turned out to be metastatic adenocarcinoma, and it landed her in the hospital for a short time.  Yep, Beth in a hospital.  Apparently the staff there now know more than most about homeopathy!  She had the opportunity to move in with family here in PA, so she was surrounded by friends and her family and community during her last days.

Beth was a wise soul, someone who had seen a lot and lived large.  Her space among us won’t be filled anytime soon.

At the time of this writing, we don’t yet know details regarding a service.  I’ll post it as soon as it becomes available.  If you are a patient of hers, or a potential patient, please call the office to get the contact information for the homeopath to whom we’re currently referring .  During this week, we’re holding sacred space in her room at the office.  If you would like to come and spend time saying goodbye to her spirit, please feel free.

I’ll just keep remembering her great laugh…..