So, hard to imagine, but MIB opened it’s doors September 24th, 2004.  It’s time to celebrate all that we’ve become since then!  (For the record, none of the same practitioners or staff who started with me are still with me….so either I’m a total pain to work with, or it takes a different kind of energy to start something than to grow it).

The Party

When:  this Sunday, September 25th, from 1-4pm

Where:  at the office

What:  come meet the practitioners, enjoy fabulous healthy food provided by our dedicated Healthy Living Food Group, learn a bit of holistic medicine that you don’t already know


There will be several free “experiential” events going on.  In order to avoid lines, we’d love to have you call ahead in the next few days and give us an idea of when you’ll be there so we can “schedule appointments”.  This will be a bit loose, but I hope you can understand our thinking here.  The individual offerings are:

  • Chair massage
  • Accugraphs (“see your chi”) and Matrix energetics
  • Bioimpedance Analysis to measure your fat/muscle ratio

Also being offered, but no “appointment” needed:

  • Stress Reduction Techniques

There will be two movie showings.  At 1pm, we’ll be showing the movie “Numen: The Nature of Plants” which is about plant spirit medicine.  At 2:30, we’ll be showing a movie about Rubenfeld Synergy.  Lori Schlosser will be there to answer any questions.

There will also be an introduction to Tai Chi as well as Donna Eden Energetics.

So, glance at your schedule and let us know when you’ll be stopping by.  Forward this to friends–it’s a great way for people to meet us and see if they’d like to become part of the community.  Looking forward to seeing you all and thanking you in person for helping us become what we are today!

Office phone:  215.741.1600