The fall is usually a busy time for me, with several different teaching events commanding my attention.  I’ll write more about those soon, but wanted to send out this note as a “Save the Date” announcement for upcoming events.



Wednesday, 11/30/11

You might be interested in joining this free, online event: the Food For All Summitt.  It will bring together political and spiritual leaders, media, celebrities, activists and nonprofits, all standing behind a single, powerful mission:  Raise awareness of global hunger and generate innovative and sustainable long-term solutions for solving this crisis once and for all.  

This event will provide you with inspiration and practical tools to make a difference in solving the problem of world hunger and food disparity.  You can listen live from your phone or computer, or download the files to listen later.

To sign up, go here.



Sunday, 12/4/11, 6:30-8pm :  Singing Bowls with Harmonic Immersion

Nancy Beal, a certified Singing Bowl therapist and Master Harp Therapist, will provide us with an evening of restful, restorative, complete relaxation.  Come be fully immersed in the experience of multiple energy therapies as she weaves harp, aromatherapy, Reiki, guided imagery, singing bowls, gong and other instruments into tranquil, restful vibrations.  Take time out from your holiday preparations to give yourself the gift of relaxation.

Nancy provides healing harp therapy in 3 local hospitals and provides private sessions and group classes / workshops in music therapy and reiki.  We are pleased to have her join us at Medicine in Balance for this session, which will be repeated on Sunday 1/8/12.

Wear your most comfortable clothing.  Bring mats, blankets, pillows and eye pillows for your comfort.  Space is limited, so please call to register early.  $20 for the session.

Tuesday, 12/6/11, 7-9pm:  Healthy Living Food Group

This ongoing gathering will focus on healthy appetizers and desserts this month.  Please bring along a healthy dish that fits into either category; bring your recipe so we can share in preparation for upcoming holiday festivities.  We prefer to eat foods cooked from scratch with minimal sugar, processed ingredients or other unhealthy items.

We will also be viewing the film “Forks Over Knives” this evening and discussing the ideas it contains.  Please be prompt, as this film is fairly long and we anticipate a lively discussion.  Event is free.



Sunday, 1/8/12, 6:30-8pm:  Singing Bowls with Harmonic Immersion

(Please see description above; a repeat of December’s event!)

Wednesday, 1/11/12, 7pm:  The Doctor and the Chef, Focus on a Gluten-free Lifestyle

This will be the first in a series of dinner events aimed at helping us all eat a healthier, more savory diet.  I will be partnering with Chef Eben Copple of the Yardley Inn—I get to talk while he feeds us well!  In this first dinner, I’ll be discussing the hows and whys of avoiding gluten while Chef Eben makes sure that taste is not sacrificed.

Dinner starts at 7pm; tickets are $49.95 which includes your meal.  Tax and gratuity are additional.  Tickets can be purchased through the Yardley Inn, 215-493-3800.

(Keep your calendar open for Wednesday, 5/16/12, when we’ll do our next dinner event:  Eating to Balance Your Hormones.  More later!)

Mini-Medical School Starts!  January-April 2012

Twice a month, I’ll be presenting “Mini Medical School”—a series of lectures which will explain the underlying cause of different medical conditions and current thoughts on treatment, both conventional and integrative/holistic approaches.  I find that during the course of my day, I spend a lot of time explaining disease mechanisms, showing the complex interactions of one body system with another, and describing how and why certain interventions work.  I’m a firm believer that if someone knows why they’re doing something, there’s a better chance they’ll actually do it.  Hence, MIB’s “medical school”, a chance for everyone to learn together.

One can sign up for the whole series or specific topics of interest to you.  In case of inclement weather, alternate dates will be arranged.  Individual talks cost $10 each; the series of 8 classes costs $60 if prepaid prior to the first class.  Costs are not refundable and non transferable.

(If this series is successful, MIB may also begin a series of educational webinars so that you can “attend” from the comfort of your own home, as well as access them at another date if something comes up to change your schedule.  Look for future announcements!).

The Schedule:

January 10:  If in Doubt, Start With the Gut

January 24:  Inflammation and It’s Consquences

February 21:  Oxidative Stress–Your Body Rusting!

February 28:  Immune Dysfunction and Your Thyroid

March 13:  Biotransformation and Detoxification

March 27:  Heart Disease and Cholesterol Management

April 10:  Adrenal Dysfunction and Menopause Management

April 24:  Cognitive Decline and Other Neurological Issues


There may be more events we’ll add later, but keep these in mind as you plan your next few months!