Integrative Medicine gets National TV Exposure!

Last week, I had the pleasure of taping a show with Dr Oz, along with 3 of my friends and colleagues, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr David Perlmutter and Dr Susan Blum.  Although Mehmet Oz has always promoted more natural approaches to health and wellness on his show, it is the first time he has specifically discussed Functional Medicine on the air.  The show stresses the difference between treating symptoms and searching for and then alleviating the causes of the disease.  The audience was interested in hearing how to avoid medication and seemed particularly intrigued by the idea of using food as medicine.

A certain amount of “tongue in cheek” was used for the opening shots — this is tv entertainment, after all–but the good news is that both Dr Oz, his team and the audience were educated in a better way to practice medicine.
It was also a fascinating experience for me, watching a veritable army of staffers who move quickly to get the show taped.  Everything from someone to coordinate our travel, to separate producers for the intro shoot and the show itself.  Even a “cheerleader”–the staffer who gets the on-stage audience excited and enthusiastic prior to the show.  And of course, the make up and hair professionals….yeah, even I had to have makeup!
Once the final decision has been made regarding when the show will air, we will be sure to pass that along!

Here’s a shot from the intro:

Drs Perlmutter, Warner, Hyman and Blum