It’s nearly Spring, so we thought we’d share some cool things we’ve found lately, just for fun!

Lie To Me.  This tv series (yes, imagine—I’m recommending a tv series!) is based on the work of Paul Ekman, PhD, who developed the ability to read microexpressions of the face.  These are tiny, rapid facial expressions that we all make that reveal what we’re truly feeling, even when we’re doing our best to hide it.  Brad and I got interested in his work years ago, and even practiced with one of his CD’s.  The show obviously is for entertainment, so it takes some liberty with details, but it’s still fascinating to see science in action.  “Lie to Me” can be found on Netflix; see for more info on the science.

On Line Cooking School  Ok, it’s probably best to do hands-on cooking classes, but not all of us can find the time to set aside specific dates and times.  America’s Test Kitchen, a nationally syndicated show, has formed an online version where you learn by reading instructions and watching videos–whenever and wherever you want!  There are two fee scales:  for a lower monthly price, you get the written and video instruction and access to “chat lines” of other students.  For a higher fee, you have direct access to instructors via email—you can even send them a photo of your finished dish and they can tell you what went right or wrong.  This a great course for beginning cooks, or for those who want to learn specific techniques or types of food.  No, they don’t make healthy food per se, but if you have good kitchen skills, then cooking and eating healthfully is a lot easier.  Go here for more info:


Spring Detox
Time for our spring detox!  Starting 3/16/12, we’ll collectively do our 10 day spring “clean out”, using an elimination diet (focusing on cruciferous vegetables and eliminating alcohol, stimulants, etc) and a medical food designed to improve the liver’s ability to detoxify.  After the heavier food of the winter, and perhaps not as much exercise as usual, the liver can use a “jump start” in preparation for the spring and warmer weather.  Those involved in the detox will all start on the same day.  If you care to share your email address with the group, you’ll receive a daily email from me with encouragement, notes and sometimes recipes.  You’ll get to be involved in the “conversation” of the others doing the detox with you; we find that the support from the group makes the 10 days go more quickly and easily.  This detox is for those in fairly good shape medically; there is also a 3 week version that is milder.  If in doubt, please email the office with your questions.  (If you can’t start with us, it’s fine to do this on your own at another time.  We’ll even forward the emails to you if you like!)
Stop by the office this week to pick up the medical food so you’re ready to go this Friday!

Balance For Good Information Session
Come to this free informational session about our 12 week lifestyle change program.  This program is designed to help those with hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and insulin resistance, and for those who simply know they aren’t eating well and need to get a focus on healthier living.
6:30-7:30 pm, Monday 3/19/12  (Next week!).

Singing Bowl Bath
Nancy Beal, a certified Singing Bowl therapist and Master Harp Therapist, will provide us with an evening of restful, restorative, complete relaxation.  Come be fully immersed in the experience of multiple energy therapies as she weaves harp, aromatherapy, Reiki, guided imagery, singing bowls, gong and other instruments into tranquil, restful vibrations.  Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Wear your most comfortable clothing.  Bring mats, blankets, pillows and eye pillows for your comfort.  Space is limited, so please call to register early.  $20 for the session.  Sunday, April 15th 6:30-8:00 pm.

T’ai Chi Chih
Set aside your spot in the next 8 week series of classes.  Taught by Siobhan Hutchinson, these classes move you through a mindful moving meditation.  No experience needed.  Class series starts Saturday, April 14th, 10:30-noon.  Space is limited, so please register by March 31, 2012.  Call Siobhan at 609-752-1048 or email her at

Mini-Med School
This series of lectures continues!  We’ve been having fun learning together about how our bodies are designed, and the basic processes that can go wrong and cause disease.  Held on Tuesdays at 7pm at the office, there are still a few more to come.  $10 per class

March 27th–Biotransformation and Detoxification
April 10th–Heart Disease and Lipids
April 24th—Adrenal Function and Menopause
May 8th–Cognitive Decline

Dr Warner to Speak at Upcoming Breast Cancer Seminar and present “Breast Cancer:  The Untold Story” on Saturday, March 31st, 2012.  This all-day event will focus on prevention and control measures including lifestyle changes, supplements, and thermography.  Dr Warner will be speaking on the role of bioidentical hormones in hormone balancing and breast health.  Go here for details.

Save the Date!  Wednesday, May 16th
I’ll be presenting the next in our dinner lecture series at the Yardley Inn.  This evening, we will be discussing how to eat to balance your hormones.  Our last event was a blast, and Chef Eben will be preparing another fabulous meal, so be sure to make the time to join us.