Although the nice weather makes it hard to imagine doing anything INSIDE, we really do have a nice group of events and classes coming up soon.  Here’s the run-down:

Saturday April 14th:  New Tai Chi Chih class starts

Taught by Siobhan Hutchinson, these classes move you through a mindful moving meditation.  No experience needed.  Class series starts Saturday, April 14th, 10:30-noon.  Space is limited, but you might still be able to sweet talk your way in!  Call Siobhan at 609-752-1048 or email her at

Sunday April 15th:  Singing Bowl Bath

Need to unwind from finishing your taxes?  Nancy Beal, a certified Singing Bowl therapist and Master Harp Therapist, will provide us with an evening of restful, restorative, complete relaxation.  Come be fully immersed in the experience of multiple energy therapies as she weaves harp, aromatherapy, Reiki, guided imagery, singing bowls, gong and other instruments into tranquil, restful vibrations.  Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Wear your most comfortable clothing.  Bring mats, blankets, pillows and eye pillows for your comfort.  Space is very limited, so we need to hear from you by noon tomorrow to register!  $20 for the session.  Sunday, April 15th 6:30-8:00 pm.

Thursday April 26th:  Circle of Abundance

I’m pleased to announce this new, ongoing gathering.  Presented by Nancy Saxe, an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor whom I’ve known a long time, this gathering will help us focus our energies on abundance, rather than scarcity.  This is how Nancy describes it:  “There are so many changes going on around us – changes that seem to scream “scarcity” rather than abundance. But, the universe is a universe of abundance! Everything is abundant, our fears, worries, our joys, and our passions. It is up to us to shift our vibrations and feelings purposely to match our desires. Remember, energy follows thought; it is up to us to focus and intensify what we actually choose, rather than let our fears and worries take all our energy and show up all around us.

This gathering brings together individuals who want to strengthen and focus their manifesting skills, making use of group energy to enhance, magnify, and accelerate the tangible outcomes of their intentions. The topic for each session will be decided by the participants who will all contribute their power and intentions to the whole.”

This will be an ongoing group, the fourth Thursday of the month from 7-9pm.  Cost is $35 per session.  Please contact Nancy directly to register:  (215) 345-5668 or

Wednesday May 16th:  The Doctor and The Chef

Food and Hormones:  Did you realize that everything we eat affects our hormonal balance?  All of our hormones interact–estrogen, progesterone, insulin, you name it!  How we eat helps inform our body in the best way to orchestrate this hormonal jumble.  Join me and Chef Eben at the Yardley Inn.  I’ll do the talking, he’ll show us how to turn my information into lovely food.  (I’ve seen the menu, and this time, I’m going to make sure I have time to eat as well!).

Tickets to the event are $49.95, which includes dinner.  Tax and gratuity are additional.  Please call the Yardley Inn to register directly; I’d hurry as I’m sure this event will sell out early!  215-493-3800.

Sunday May 20th:  Seven Mirrors of Relationship

This is a two-part workshop offered by Nancy Saxe.  We have heard the sayings, “As above, so below – as within, so without”, ” you get back what you put out”, and “what goes around, comes around.” We live in a time where we are experiencing age old wisdom that energy follows thought and that we create and influence our life experiences. As we continue our spiritual development and experience our spirits in physical form, we may wonder how we continue repeating many patterns – especially unhealthy ones, even though our thinking and beliefs may have changed.

The Seven Mirrors of Relationship, part of the Essene traditions, offers true wisdom to guide us in understanding how our subconscious may be influencing our tangible world. We explore the meanings of the seven types of reflections, how they show up in our everyday lives, how we can utilize the information, and how we can realign our power of focused intent to reflect out into the world the compassion, love and gratitude that we engender in our hearts – in all circumstances and events! We also examine how we reflect others’ thoughts and feelings and how we can consciously choose what we will reflect back to them.

Dates are Sunday May 20th and June 3rd, 1-4pm each day.  Cost is $90.  Please contact Nancy directly to register:  (215) 345-5668 or


Monday nights:  Jeremi’s back from maternity leave!  There are a few spots left in her ongoing class on Monday nights, so call to join us.

Friday evenings:  Yin yoga with Sally!  Please contact us to experience the quiet peace of yin yoga and Sally’s Sanskrit lullabies.  5:30-7pm.

Anyone interested in a Gentle yoga class?  If we have enough folks, we might be able to convince Jeremi to resume her Wed pm class.  Please email us at