I spent a good bit of time over this past weekend thinking about responsibility.  If you agree with me that we are our own healers (care providers like myself simply show you a path), then we all need to take responsibility for our own health.  It’s not “here, fix me”. Health is a journey that we each travel alone; we make the choices of what we eat, how we move, what we think and which feelings we attend to most.  Those who care for us are guides, sharing new ideas and information with us.  They can’t fix us and shouldn’t be expected to arrive at our beck and call.  If what they suggest for us doesn’t get us to the endpoint we were hoping for, perhaps it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with us.

In our conversations, it’s also up to us to take responsibility to speak from integrity. That would mean that we say what we mean, mean what we say, and follow up on any promises we make.  Of course, this can look rude to some (a dear friend of mine once referred to me as being “disarmingly direct”), but when done with some compassion it really makes communication much more clear.  Integrity also means not making false promises.  Sure, most of us will say things like “let’s do lunch” when we actually have no intention of doing so.  Why do we do that?  Does it just feel easier than being honest?  And what about all the times we promise to do something that we really mean to do…..but it keeps getting put off and put off, eventually disappointing both ourselves and those to whom we made the promise.  That doesn’t resonate with integrity and responsibility.

On my intake form for new patients, I have a simple question to start things off:  “In general, how would you describe your health?”  One can check the box next to excellent, good, fair, poor.  I am always amazed by how people answer that one question.  Many people who carry a number of different “diagnoses” still mark that box excellent; others with what I would consider only minor issues mark it fair or poor.  As you can imagine, those who mark it excellent or good are also the ones who tend to take the most responsibility for their own progress and are the most optimistic in general.  What a litmus test!



Gentle Yoga is back!  Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 with Jeremi, starting next week 5/2/12.  $15 drop in, $60 for the 5 weeks of May.  Please call to reserve your spot.

Yin Yoga on Fridays at 5:30.  The class has been small lately, and I don’t want to lose it! If you’ve been considering a different form of movement or need the opportunity to be still, quiet and focused, please come try it out.  See Sally’s website for a description. $20 for a drop in, $72 if you buy 4 weeks in a row.

Circle of Abundance starts this Thursday at 7 pm.  Please contact Nancy Saxe (215) 345-5668 or nancy@neverendingpaths.com.

Healthy Living Food Group is our monthly potluck, first Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  Next week’s topic is Edible Flowers (and other foraged plants).  Feel free to come find out what all the fun is about!  (If you’re new, it’s ok to just come and not bring anything; there are always leftovers)


New Cool Stuff We’ve Found:

No More Plastic Wrap.  Abeego, a small Canadian company, has developed food storage options from hemp fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and other natural materials so you’re no longer a slave to plastic.  They make flat sheets for wrapping and ingenious fold-overs for sandwiches and snacks.  Definitely check this out!

Fooducate.  This app allows you to scan a label in a store and see quickly if this product is worth buying.  It gives the product an overall grade, then helps you compare quickly among different brands, providing pros and cons.  Rated best in Health and Fitnessat the Apple itunes store for 2011.  (Of course, I’d rather you be buying food that has no label, but in a pinch, this will at least save you time!)

Your Bountiful Garden.  Plan ahead for when you have more produce than you know what to do with.  AmpleHarvest.org lists nearby food pantries that would love any extras you can share.  I put in my own zip code and found 26 in a 15 mile radius!