Labor Day.  The end of summer.  And for me, the best time to reassess what I’ve been doing and start making adjustments.  (January has never made any sense to me—why change when it’s cold and dark and has been that way for a long time?).

During the summer, we’ve probably exercised more or at least been outside more.  Unfortunately, we’ve probably also been to more parties; maybe the food was grilled, but there was likely more beer and a ton of fruity desserts.  Think about it:  we talk about the fall being the hardest “bad food” time of the year, but at least it’s defined, so we’re conscious of it:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve.  How about all the time on the boat lately, drinking and hanging out?  How about all the ball games and the beer and chips that go with it?  Not to mention hot dogs and burgers and sugar-added coleslaw and Popsicles at the cookout last weekend?

So, time to rethink what we’re up to.  It’s already dark when I go out for my walk with Trooper in the morning, so he now has a lighted collar so I can see him when he’s off leash and so the paper-delivery folks notice us.  Brad has the treadmill out where we both can see (and use!) it more easily, and our bikes got a tune up/clean up recently.  And I still get to my weekend yoga classes to move and sweat and get “stuff ” out (thanks to June and Prancing Peacock!).  Now I have to figure out how to get there during the week again.  What are you doing for yourself?  Have you gotten out of your routine, or do you need a new one to get you jump started?

I was double checking the web for the video Sugar, the Bitter Truth for Food Group this week (Tuesday, 9/4, 7pm; we’ll be watching this video together) and ran across some great stuff.  We’d love for you to join us for Food Group, but if you can’t, and you don’t have time to watch the 90 minute video on your own, then watch the short version done by Sean Croxton of  Sean, who is a fitness trainer/nutritionist, does a really good job explaining why a calorie isn’t just a calorie.  Definitely worth your time!

While you’re at it, spend some time at the site  Definitely spend some time at the “recommended reading” list; you’ll be busy for a long time if you read all the good stuff listed there.  I’m hoping it will help inspire you to make some changes, get back on track and take charge of your own health.  The system doesn’t have your best interests at heart, so you have to do it yourself!

Just a reminder:  if you’re interested in making a change, join us for the Fall Equinox liver detoxification.  We’ll start Friday, September 21st.  The detox is a 10 day partial elimination diet, starting the first day eliminating processed food, added sugars and the like.  Each day we eliminate one more food type (get rid of meat one day, then gluten grains, then all grains, then starchy veggies, etc).  We also drink UltraClear Renew, which is a medical food designed to include all the nutrients our livers need to do the many detoxification processes they do.  The UltraClear also has protein, fat and carbs in it, so as we restrict our diets, we don’t get hungry.  Each day, the whole group will be in touch via email to give each other support, share recipes for the day, and usually keep each other laughing through the process.  After the half-way point, we start adding food groups back in, so you get a chance to see which type of food might be an issue for you re: allergies or just energy-wise.  I always feel better by the end, and it’s a great way to jump start whatever changes you need to make to reach your health goals.  Think about it:  if you’ve already eliminated sugar for 10 days, how easy would it be to just keep going?!  If you want to join us, please email or call the office to let us know, so we have enough product on hand for everyone.  Cost is $80; you’ll need to stop in to get the product no later than Thursday 9/20 to be ready to go.

Summer’s end.  Routines changing.  Find a new path for yourself, cause you’re worth it.