Hi everyone.  Although our house (and much of Lower Makefield Township) still has no power, the office does!  So, Medicine In Balance will be back open for business starting 8am on Wednesday October 31st.

I am actually away teaching this week, but those of you who have appointments with Suzette are in luck.  If we had to cancel your appointments for Monday and Tuesday, please give the office a call and we’ll be glad to get you rescheduled.

Our hearts go out to those of you who have sustained damage during the storm.  Even if you didn’t, it’s still been a stressful week.  Please take the time to stop and breathe; spend a few minutes every few hours during the day to pause and care for yourself.  You deserve it.  And just know that 450 holistic physicians all sent good intentions your way on Monday morning for the storm to be as gentle as possible.  I believe in the power of the group!

My best,

Wendy Warner