Thanksgiving is such a great holiday.  Just think of it:  we’re all invited to stop work (often for 4 days straight!), gather with friends and family and think of all the things we’re grateful for in life.  And we get to eat, don’t have to give presents, and the weather is still generally nice enough for a walk through the leaves. 

I would suggest that we all make a list tomorrow of at least 25 things we’re grateful for.  If you’ve never tried to do this, it can be either hard or easy at first, but know this:  as you focus on gratitude, you’re improving your health.  Positive emotions normalize your cortisol and dhea, the two main stress hormones.  Gratitude sent out as a group shifts the energy field of the group and even the world.  If you do a gratitude journal for a month (write down 3 things that happened that day that you’re grateful for), you end up learning to focus on positive things as you move through the day, shifting the natural tendency to focus more on negative things.  This improves your health.

So I’m not going to bore you with all 25 on my list, but here’s a few:

My amazing staff, who juggle many things at once and make my life easier.  My great colleagues at MIB, who have taught me so much and help make working fun.  The hurricane, because it gave so many people a chance to remember community and sharing and helping one another.  Yoga, because it keeps me sane.  Our dog Trooper, who teaches me about play and being in the moment, and love no matter what.  Our cat Peeps, who is one of the most attentive cats I know.  My wonderful extended family, who put up with my absences and busy schedule.  And Brad, who lives what he teaches and believes in……..

There, I feel better already!

PS:  My dad turns 86 on Saturday, wish him a Happy Birthday!


Goings on and Dates to Remember

Saturday, Dec 1st:  Energy Medicine 101

Taught by Siobhan Hutchinson, this workshop is for beginners and advanced students alike.  Learn how to quiet anxiety, restore calm and work with pain.  Continuing education credits available for nurses and bodyworkers.  9am-5pm  $125 (add $10 for CE’s).  Contact Siobhan directly at 609-752-1048 or

December Food Group

Tuesday, 12/4, 7-9pm.  Since it’s December, we’ll once again focus our potluck around appetizers and desserts!  This gives us a chance to share healthy ways to prepare for upcoming holiday events.  Learn how easy it is to eat well and still take care of yourself.  Bring a dish if you like (and the recipe!) or just come as you are and enjoy the fun. As always, it will be the best meal you eat all month!  (Free!)

Business Office Area Renovation

Our front office space will be getting a facelift in the next few weeks, allowing for better storage and more efficient work flow.  Our contractors haven’t given us a firm start date yet, but they promise to work through a weekend so that we won’t need to be closed long.  We’ll likely need to cancel a Friday’s worth of appointments, so if that means yours, we apologize in advance.  Thanks for your patience in this process!

Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies

Co-authors Wendy Warner, MD and KellyAnn Petrucci, DC tell you everything you need to know about keeping your immune system strong, how it works, what happens when it goes wrong and how to work with lifestyle to keep it humming.  Great recipes as well!  Learn more about it here.  We’ll be having a number of events this spring to kick off it’s arrival, but it’s available as a pre-order now (also on Amazon).