A lot of people have already told me that they plan to make this year “all about me”—that is, they plan to finally take care of themselves for a change, and not just everyone else.  I think that’s a great plan.  So many of us run around looking after all the other folks in our lives, leaving ourselves out.  I did that for a long time, and it got me sick.  Now, my motto is that to truly care for myself, I have to be ok with disappointing people on a regular basis.  (Like learning to say “no”).

So, if you want to care for yourself, we have a number of things that will help:

Doc and the Chef Educational Dinner at The Yardley Inn

Are you still reeling a bit from the holidays, trying to find a way to get back in balance?  Do you have some resolutions you’re still working on that involve how to eat?  Although the weather is cold, precluding a “full-on” metabolic detox, it is the right time to detox with food alone.  Come to the next installment of the Doc and the Chef educational dinners at The Yardley Inn on Wednesday, January 30th.  I’ll be describing what detoxification is (and what it’s not!).  Chef Eben will show us how even a good detox meal can taste fabulous (chicory salad and wild bass with burdock and fennel!).  Please contact The Yardley Inn directly to reserve your spot, and bring a friend, as these dinners are always a good time!

Shiatsu Moves to Evening Hours!

Laurie Van Valkenburg, our resident shiatsu practitioner, has moved her office hours from Thursday mornings to Tuesday afternoons and evenings.  If you’ve always wanted to try a session but couldn’t make it due to work obligations, now’s the time!  (and now I won’t have to block out time from my own schedule to get in to see her!)  Find out more about Laurie and her work here.

Changes to Scheduling of “Annual Exams”

Many of you only see me once a year, for your “annual exam”.  Think about all the things we’re supposed to do at that visit:  review all the medical changes you’ve had since your last visit, talk about your current meds and supplements, touch on how you’re eating and moving, what stressors you’re currently dealing with, any preventive medicine issues that are appropriate, the actual exam, and maybe even have time to talk about you as a person.  And to think that we try to do this all in 15 minutes!  After 8 1/2 yrs, I’ve finally decided that this is the old model that I left behind, so there’s no reason to keep doing it.  You and I both feel rushed, or I get way behind, which isn’t good for anyone.

Starting April 1st, all annual exams will be scheduled as 30 minute appointments.  I still would like to make sure you fill out an update form and bring it to the visit (that form is found on our website for download; if you don’t have a functioning printer, you need to show up 15 minutes prior to your appt time in order to have time to fill it out).  The reason for the form is so you think about your questions and what’s happened since we talked last.  It also gives me a list of your current meds and supplements–just listing “many” doesn’t help you or me at all!  Please take these forms seriously.  The cost of the visit will be $170; you should check with your insurance carrier about reimbursement.

If you see me for other medical conditions and also see me for gyn visits, there may be the opportunity to sneak in a quick 15 minute “annual exam”, since we don’t have so much to cover.  This will be decided on an individual basis.

Thanks for your understanding; I’m looking forward to this change as a way to serve you better.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”     ~Rumi