If I had more time, I would read more books.  I mostly listen to them these days (more on that later), but I do want to tell you about a few books that are either already out or just on the horizon….

Ok, this is a blatant advertisement:  my own book is the first one I want to tell you about!  Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies is due out later this month.  If you want a preview, see the website for excerpts and some things we couldn’t fit into the book itself–the links are at the bottom of the page.  We’ll be doing book signings and lectures starting this spring, so watch for dates!  The first one is scheduled for Sunday, March 17 at 1pm, at the office.  Cost is $35, which includes a copy of the book.  Please call to register:  215-741-1600.

My coauthor of this book, Dr KellyAnn Petrucci, is a local nutritionist/chiropractor/health writer/coach and crazy busy woman.  She has also recently coauthored Living Paleo For Dummies, which is out and is a great read.  KellyAnn shares my passion for helping people to eat well, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  She has other Paleo-based titles coming out soon, so be looking for those as well.

Next, Dr Sara Gottfried is a colleague–also a holistic gynecologist–who is all about eating correctly and managing stress to balance your hormones.  Did I mention that she is also a yoga instructor and trained at Harvard?  Her new book, The Hormone Cure, is due out next month.  I got to read an advance copy, and I loved it—great advice in plain English, with a lot of humor.  I highly recommend that you watch for it.  You’ll get an opportunity to “meet” Sara when she and I do a webinar together later this spring.  Details to follow….

Now, if you’ve been interested in learning to meditate but don’t really know where to start, I have the perfect thing for you.  Bob Butera, PhD, is the founder of YogaLife Institute in Devon, PA and the author of the new book, Meditation For Your Life.  Bob will be doing a lecture at MIB on Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm; cost is $40 which includes a copy of his book.  Don’t miss this, it’ll be great!  Please call to preregister! (215-741-1600)

And last, this one is just for fun.  I said that I mostly listen to books now—that way I can “read” while I do dishes, laundry, drive to work, etc.  So I’m not sure how this book actually reads,  but listening to it was great.  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce, was delightful and at times heart-wrenching.  Harold is recently retired and bored.  One day, a letter arrives from a woman he hasn’t seen in 20 years; she is in hospice and writing to say goodbye.  Although he initially plans to mail his reply, Harold sets off on foot to deliver it in person.  The book is full of lovely insights into long term relationships and how we all cope.  Definitely find this book!


Save This Date!

We’re cleaning out our shelves and realized that we over-bought some supplements.  They’ve expired, but are still perfectly good.  Unfortunately, I can’t sell them since they’re expired.  So here’s what we’re doing:  on Wed, March 6th, from 8a-4p, they will be out on tables in our yoga room.  Stop by the office and see if it’s anything you can use.  We’ll accept any donations, but we’re primarily interested in seeing them not get wasted.  Included in the mix are some forms of UltraMeal, some BrainSustain and a good many herbs and nutrients.  Please stop by and help us clear them out!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!