Even though it’s a tad chilly in the shade, I’m able to type this out on my deck.  Here’s the surest sign of spring that I know:  the turtles have come up from the canal and are lounging in the sun on overturned logs.  That and swamp cabbage coming up are even more “spring” than the daffodils that finally bloomed!

Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my ankle.  I’m still using my “scooter” at the office cause it’s faster, but I’m trying to use the crutches at home and put some weight on my foot.  Resistance builds bone, you know!  Even went with Brad to run errands this weekend, cause I’m sick of being in the house (all the staff at Wholefoods kept offering me a wheelchair!).  Next project:  driving.  Maybe later this week….

Spring makes me think of a bunch of things, health-wise.  There has been a huge increase in traffic on the towpath (those of us who use it year round find this a bit annoying, but I’m glad to see that folks are out and about).  It’s also time to brush off the grill and get it fired up, which is an easy way to get a healthy meal on the table.  Also think ahead:  if you’re bothering to start the grill, cook everything in sight!  We usually do several kinds of protein and as many veggies as we can…then we’re set for days of mostly-made meals that we can throw together quickly.  But don’t put away the slow cooker, as it’s still such a time saver/convenience.  Today, I’m working on Mexican chicken:  thighs in the cooker along with a jar of salsa and a chipotle pepper.  Once it’s done, pull the meat off the bone and you’re set for tacos later in the week!  I’m also raiding the back of the freezer to see what we’ve forgotten during the winter—some pureed kabocha squash that I’m defrosting for mushroom and squash enchiladas.  And summer will need to hurry up, cause my supply of blueberries from 2012 is running low!

Highlights of this past month:

Suzette, Lisa and I all had birthdays.  Suzette did it right:  walked in the NYC Easter parade and got famous: (not the best photo I’ve seen but you’ll get the idea).

Many of us did the detox and survived!  Tune in for next September, when we’ll be doing it again.  Always around the equinox.

Did the supplement give away at the office–thanks to those of you who came by and gave donations.  Glad we didn’t have to throw so much away!

I did a grand rounds presentation at Jefferson’s Myrna Brind Integrative Medicine Center.  If you’re interested in hearing a doc-level presentation on menopause management, here’s the link.

Also got a very nice article about our book Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies in the Bucks County Courier Times.  Here’s a link to the online version of the article.

Had an intimate group for Bob Butera’s talk/book signing on Meditation for Your Type.  I loved that he focused on learning to be still first, rather than just jump in and “do” meditation—that’s a great way to be unsuccessful and never try again.  If you missed the talk but are interested in the book, go here.

Upcoming Calendar

Sunday 4/14/13  Book Signing and Talk at Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio

Even if you don’t do yoga at this studio, come join us.  I’ll be doing a short talk on how to boost your immunity, signing copies of my book Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies and answering questions.  Samples of immune-boosting foods will be provided as well.  Please register with the studio:  267.679.0791.  5:30-7pm  cost $40 (includes copy of book!).

Saturday 4/20/13  Book Signing at Barnes and Nobles, Langhorne

Yep, another chance to get yourself a signed copy!  1-3pm.

Wednesday 4/24/13  The Doc and the Chef:  Boosting Your Immunity

The latest in our series of educational talks at the Yardley Inn.  Chef Eben plans a fabulous meal; I’ll give a short talk about immune boosting and answer questions.  Everyone in attendance gets a copy of the book.  The menu sounds great, and these events are always a lot of fun!  $65 per person.  Please contact the Yardley Inn to register:  215-493-3800.

Wednesday 4/24/13  Five Elements Class

Yep, we weren’t thinking and set up two events on the same night!  And this sounds like so much fun! Oh well!  Siobhan Hutchinson will be conducting a class on Japanese Five Element Theory:  find out more about yourself and your relationships when you understand which of the five elements you represent.  Class starts at 6:30.  Only $15; please contact Siobhan to register.  609-752-0148 or siobhan@nextstepstrategiesllc.com.

Plan ahead:

The week of April 29th is Screen Free Week.  The idea here is to avoid any screens for non-work related activity.  That would mean your TV, your computer (forget Facebook and browsing for a few days), and internet browsing on your phone.  Yes, I use my computer as much as the next person (how else would I get this newsletter out?)…but the reality is that most of us spend WAY too much time staring at a screen and missing life.  During this week, we’re encouraged to do things together, talk more, go for a walk, read a book, all those things we did before the advent of “a screen in your face all the time”!  Go here for more information.

Interested in eating a Paleo diet?  I’ll be tasting a new, local food service delivery this week and will be reporting back to you.  Might make it easier to stick to your eating goals….

We’ll be launching a separate blog for Boosting Immunity soon!  This blog will be all about health.  No office announcements   :>)      Suggestions as to what to do, other books to look at, how to live your life.  You’ll love it.  More later!

Now, go take a walk!