If you tried to open my blog earlier this morning and weren’t able to, try again.  They were doing maintenance on our server, unbeknownst to me!  It’s available now!

I forgot!

If you are looking for work in a garden this spring and summer, Chef Eben Copple of the Yardley Inn is desperately seeking help.  The Inn boasts both a small kitchen garden right across the street as well as a much larger vegetable garden a few miles away on River Road.  Right now, Eben is doing most of the work….which is both tough and keeping him out of the kitchen!  He is looking for someone(s) with at least some gardening knowledge, willing to get hot and sweaty and dirty for a reasonable salary (he didn’t share that detail with me, but this is NOT voluntary).  Serious applicants only, please.  215.493.3800 or ebencopple@gmail.com.