I know we’re all busy and get way more email than we really have time to attend to…..but I’m about to suggest that you add to that!  As you likely know, I’m the coauthor of Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies, and though it’s a fabulous book, we didn’t get a chance to put everything in it that we would have liked.

So, we’ve started a blog for the book….and the topic.  Everything you want to know about how to get healthy, how to kick your immunity up a notch, and how to feel great.  Recipes for immune-boosting foods, suggestions on exercise, specific tips for travel, you name it!  We’ll be blogging about twice a month, and it won’t be calendar events, announcements or other things that we sometimes have to put on this blog.  Just info.  Not too technical, not too “out there”, not too long.  Just what you need to stay healthy.  Kellyann and I often joke that we could have called this book “Boost Your Whatever” and it would still have rung true:  we essentially talk about how to get healthy, period.

Here’s how to access that blog:  go to http://boost-your-immune-system.com/ and sign up for email notification of new blog entries.

I want to take a minute to say thanks to those of you who have written reviews of the book on Amazon.  It makes us feel better, and it helps with attention to the book.  So, if you have time and you haven’t yet written something, we’d appreciate your efforts.