As you rush to get just a bit more summer in, and your kids off to college, and the littler ones back to school, take a minute to plan some things for yourself!  Surely you deserve it.

Mindful Eating Workshop

When was the last time you ate a meal that you really savored each and every bite? When you listened to the subtle clues of your body, telling you that you were no longer hungry?  Many of us skip breakfast, eat lunch at our desks and dinner over the sink.  This mindless eating leaves us unsatisfied and with extra pounds.

Join Patricia McDougall, RN Health Coach at Medicine in Balance to explore how you can incorporate mindful eating into your life.

This Wed, August 28th, 6:30-8 pm.  $10.  Preregister: or call 215.741.1600

Healthy Living Food Group

This educational, fun potluck occurs the first Tuesday of every month, right in the waiting room of the office.  We all gather to discuss eating more healthfully and mindfully, covering topics from living gluten free, to how to ferment food, to the health benefits of specific foods.  On September 3rd, we’ll be discussing how food sensitivities develop and how to deal with them.  Bring a dish if you like, but if you’re new, it’s not expected.  But come hungry:  the “regulars” are fabulous cooks and it will be the best meal you’ll have all month!  No charge to attend.  7-9pm

Fall Liver Detox

Yes, it’s already that time again–our semi-annual metabolic liver detox, done as a group.  During this 10 day event, we use a modified elimination diet coupled with a medical food/powder designed to give the liver all the nutrients it needs to improve detoxification, in preparation for the fall and winter seasons.  We start on the same day, and I send out emails to the group each morning, giving inspiration and instruction, and answering questions from the group.  Folks share how they’re feeling, talk about what they’re eating, help each other stay on track.  We always do this around the equinox, so we’ll be starting Friday, 9/20.  Cost is $80, which includes the medical food, emails, and instructional paperwork (including recipes).  Preregister so we have enough product on hand for everyone:  215.741.1600.

Tai Chi

Led again by Siobhan Hutchinson, there will be an introductory class on Saturday, 9/14/13 at 10:30 am.  (Fee: $10).  Following that, there will be an 8-week session, starting 9/21/13 at 10:30am. Siobhan’s classes are always fun, informative and transformative!

Please schedule directly with Siobhan:   609.752.1048 or

Mothers and Daughters

Our relationship with our mothers is our earliest, and often most emotionally charged we will ever have.  It impacts relationships with partners, friends, children and ourselves.

In this interactive workshop, discover more about yourself and this unique bond.  Come alone, with a friend, or with your mother!  Facilitated by Patricia McDougall, body-center psychotherapist and RN health coach.

Wed Sept 25, 2013.  6:30-8pm.  Fee:  $15.  Preregister:  or 215.741.1600.

What is RN Health Coaching?

Find out what RN health coaching is all about in this FREE session.  Learn how it can benefit you and help you reach your health goals.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013.  6:30-7:30.  FREE

Timeshifting:  making time to enjoy what’s important

When someone asks how you are, do you always answer “busy”?  Do you think you’re too busy to even attend this workshop?  Then create time to attend this informative and experiential workshop, based on the work of Stephen Rechtschaffen, founder of the Omega Institute.  Facilitated by Patricia McDougall.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013.  6:30-8pm.  Fee:  $10.  Preregister: or 215.741.1600

Beating the Holiday Blues:  How to Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

When the calendar turns to December, do you just wish you could take a nap until after the New Year?  Do you long for the feeling of child-like wonder the holidays used to bring?  Join Patricia McDougall, RN health coach, for a light-hearted and interactive workshop to bring comfort and joy back to the season.

Wednesday, November 13,2013.  6:30-8pm  Fee:  $10