Hasn’t the weather been lovely?  Nothing better than sleeping with the windows open on these cool nights.  As the weather shifts, it feels more and more appropriate to be doing our metabolic liver detox.  “Fall cleaning” for our bodies as the seasons change…..this is just a reminder that we start this Friday 9/20/13.In preparation for the detox, spend the next few days getting processed foods out of your diet.  Also, drink fewer caffeinated beverages, so when we shift down to just green tea during the detox, you won’t get a headache.  In addition, limit the extra sugars in your life during this week so the detox won’t feel so dramatic!

Why do this detox?  None of us actually live as “cleanly” as we know we should, and it takes a toll on our livers as they try hard to get us back to balance, clearing out toxins.  Taking a 10 day break helps jump start us back into better habits, and gives the liver some additional support as well.  The time we spend detoxing is also a perfect time to review how we care for ourselves in general, thinking about how we spend our energy, where we put our focus, what’s important.

So, call today to get your medical food and the paperwork you need to prepare.  Head to the market and stock up on cruciferous veggies, pears and apples.  Plan to roast veggies, make some quinoa and cook some beans; having these done ahead of time will make your life easier.  You’ll definitely want to read the instructions now, so you have what you need in the kitchen next week!


September Calendar

Saturday 9/21:  Yardley Harvest Day

We’ll be exhibiting at the Live Well Live Yardley Health and Wellness Pavilion behind PURE salon, from 10-5.  Come check out the fun in this pavilion, with freebie give aways and health talks.  (I’ll be speaking on quick tips for hormone balancing at noon; check Facebook during the week for further details on other speakers)

Tuesday 9/24:  Shiatsu Shin Tai Demo

Laurie Van Valkenburgh will be conducting a free demo of shiatsu from 7-8pm at the office.  If you’ve ever wondered how this might help you and what it’s all about, now’s the time to find out!  I think it’s amazing stuff.  Back when Laurie was only in the office during the mornings, I would even block my schedule out so I could get treated myself, that’s how fabulous this work is!

Wednesday 9/25:  Mother Daughter Workshop

Our relationship with our mothers is our earliest, and often most emotionally charged we will ever have.  It impacts relationships with partners, friends, children and ourselves.

In this interactive workshop, discover more about yourself and this unique bond.  Come alone, with a friend, or with your mother!  Facilitated by Patricia McDougall, body-centered psychotherapist and RN health coach.   6:30-8pm.  Fee:  $15.  Preregister:  Patti@medicineinbalance.com  or 215.741.1600.