I just wanted to alert you to an exciting, free web-based summit on gluten-related disorders, health and nutrition that will be happening Nov 11-17, 2013.  Organized by Dr Tom O’Brien, a functional medicine specialist, the summit has gathered 29 thought leaders- interviews with 4-5 of them will be available online each day.  They include many people I have a great deal of respect for, and many of my friends / colleagues.  I’m already signed up to participate; you should check it out too:  click here for more info.


Food Group for November:  11/5/13

I’ll be away teaching next week, but the group will be facilitated by Patti McDougall, RN health coach.  The topic will be the health benefits of winter squashes….so bring your best recipes!

Join us, it’s free, and the best meal you’ll have all month!


Beating the Holiday Blues:  How to Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

When the calendar turns to December, do you just wish you could take a nap until after the New Year?  Do you long for the feeling of child-like wonder the holidays used to bring?  Join Patricia McDougall, RN health coach, for a light-hearted and interactive workshop to bring comfort and joy back to the season.

Wednesday, November 13,2013.  6:30-8pm  Fee:  $10