Sure, most people call it “Thanksgiving Day”, but I think I’d rather call it “Gratitude Day”.  The other term has too many associations with excess food and football; this year, I’d like to focus on true gratitude and appreciation.  Remember, the holiday is about recalling that big dinner held by a band of white Europeans who were giving thanks to the group of First People who helped them survive that first year.  I imagine that they were well aware that without help, many/most of them would not have survived.

We know that, scientifically, gratitude and appreciation are good for us.  Feelings of gratitude help us build up stores of DHEA, the feel-good and “anti-aging” hormone.  This also helps to balance our other hormones, whether you’re a teen, a perimenopausal woman or a stressed out midlife man.  Feelings of gratitude and appreciation also improve immunity by stabilizing and increasing our levels of IgA.  And the more you practice, the easier it is to reproduce these feelings  and the more often you will find yourself in a state of appreciation and love.  It’s easy to measure all of this, thanks to the work of the Institute of HeartMath.  If you’d like more info, click here for a free download called The Appreciative Heart.

At MIB, we’re going to be clearing the bulletin board in the waiting room and inviting folks to write out and pin up what they’re grateful for (or bring pictures!).  If you have an appointment in the next week or so, or if you’re stopping in to pick up supplements (or just if you’re in the area!), please stop by and help us fill up our board.  Writing out your gratitude helps make it concrete, and I think we’ll all be inspired by what others share.


Just a heads up:  I was at Soulutions for Daily Living in Newtown recently, and they have an amazing new pyramid in the back that you have to go sit in.  It’s constructed of copper pipes filled with various crystals.  Honey can tell you all the details, but it’s a great combo, as everyone seems to get what they most need.  I apparently needed grounding, cause I first felt it in my feet and legs, then my heart.  Please stop in, see how it feels to you…and start your holiday shopping while you’re there.


The ABIHM review course was another big hit this month—another 500 docs trained to do this kind of medicine!  Sure do love that I’m a part of it!