I’m going to admit that on one level, I’m not much for traditions.  You need to understand that I grew up in a large immediate family but far from extended family, so that kind of limits “family” traditions.  You also need to understand that although my family went to church, it wasn’t all that big a deal in our house.  So, when I look at what’s going on this time of year, it amazes me to see all the ritual and tradition that is out there.  Imbolc is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox; it’s about fertility and renewal, and a celebration of Birgitte.  Candelmas I had heard of, but had to look up:  did you know that it refers to when Jesus was taken to the temple 40 days after he was born, so Mary could complete her ritual purification?  Who knew?  For others of us, we focus on midwinter, Groundhogs Day, and maybe even the Superbowl.

Whatever this time of year means to you, it’s a gathering time.  A time to plan ahead.  Gardeners are either pouring over seed catalogs or starting their seeds.  Families are planning their outdoor renovations, hikers are dreaming of long spring and summer trips.  Just remember that each day deserves our attention…..don’t get so caught up in the future as to ignore the present.  Be here.  Now.  It’s all we really have.


That being said, here’s some announcements:

I was originally going to mention that Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging will be at the office Monday, 2/3/14 and has several cancellations. I was going to mention that if you’re off schedule, or you’ve always intended to get a thermogram done, today is the day.  However, these cancellations might be due to the snow that is coming, so feel free to call the office to see what’s up.  Maybe we can get you in quickly but maybe we’ll have cancelled if there is too much snow.  Kind of the way this winter is playing out, yes?  Just remember, this teaches us flexibility!

Food Group, this Tuesday night, 2/4/14.   Change of topic!  We’re moving mushrooms and the folks from Shibumi Farms to April, as they have a big deadline with a restaurant and need to work this week.  So…topic is kind of open.  I’m thinking we can revisit “special meals for our sweeties”, since we’re approaching Valentine’s Day.  Let’s talk about traditional aphrodisiacs, chocolate and whicht is better to give, food or flowers!  Be there, bring something yummy.  Always a good time! 7-9pm.


What I’m reading lately:

“The Book Thief”–Markus Zusak.  This was actually recommended by Liz, whose mom grew up in the area discussed in the book.  Amazing, you’ll really like it!

“Me Before You”–Jojo Moyes.  A fun read, this one came to me from a friend.  You’ll like it, the characters are fun.

“The Untethered Soul”–Michael Singer.  This book was suggested to Brad at a conference recently.  I’m only one chapter in….it’s talking, in plain language, about how to cultivate the Witness.  No mumbo jumbo.  I think I’m hooked!


And don’t forget:

Healthy Lifestyle Classes:  2/13/14  Gluten Free:  is it just another fad?

  • facilitated by Patti McDougall, RN Health Coach
  • everything you need to know about how and why you might need to ditch gluten
  • cost is $20, please preregister with Patti (patti@medicineinbalance.com or 215-741-1600)

A Circle of Women:  2/19/14  (third Wed of each month)

  • a monthly coming together for women of all ages and stages to commune, share, learn and explore.  Topics will vary each month.
  • facilitated by Patti McDougall, RN.  by donation.  6:30-8:00
  • Let Patti know you’re coming:  patti@medicineinbalance.com or 215-741-1600