Ok, I’ve been alluding to these for awhile now….we’ve decided to postpone them due to the crazy winter, but now they’re set up and ready to go!

So what exactly is a group visit?  This model was designed at least 15 years ago, as a way to engage patients in their own care, use providers’ time more effectively, and lower the cost of health care.  It is, in essence, a shared office visit.  In our case, the visits will be designed for folks with similar issues—our first visit will be for those having perimenopausal symptoms, and the second round will be for those with high cholesterol / metabolic disorder/ heart disease risk.

Think about it:  each day, I see multiple folks with the same issues.  As you know, I spend a lot of time each visit going over explanations of the disease process and educating about how to make changes.  So, if I say the same thing over and over, why not simply do it once to a small group of people at the same time?  Also, if you’ve ever finished a visit with me, ready to make change….then found yourself wondering “how do I do this?”, wouldn’t it be great to talk with other folks who are also on the same path?  Ask them how they managed it, what worked and what didn’t?

In group visits, that is what happens.  After brief intros and maybe a few minutes of laying down the basics of the topic at hand, we’ll be talking with each of you about specific issues that you’re facing…and the group will all learn from whatever comes up.  The visits last 2 hours, so you’ll be getting lots of information!  It’s not just a lecture, so please be prepared to speak up and get involved.  Patti McDougall and I will be sharing responsibility for the visits; sometimes I’ll be speaking with someone privately while Patti monitors a group talk and sometimes we’ll both be going over information for the group as a whole.  These visits will be lively and interactive; hope you find them helpful.  Having other people there to ask the questions you might forget to ask is yet another bonus!

Oh, and the obvious other good part:  they’re cheaper than seeing me individually!  In that way, I’m trying to help folks avail themselves of this kind of medicine.  Quite frankly, one of the main reasons people don’t come back for the follow up they need is finances.  Hopefully this will help.

Each topic will be covered in two different sessions, one daytime and one evening.  This will help accommodate everyone’s schedules.  Choose one or the other.  We anticipate holding group visits for any given topic at least 2-3 times each year, so that you have the opportunity to do appropriate follow up.

Current schedule:

Menopausal issues:  3/19/14 1-3pm or 3/24/14  5:30-7:30pm

Cholesterol/hypertension/heart disease: 4/9/14 1-3pm or 4/21/14 5:30-7:30pm

Cost per visit:  $125 for 2 hours

If you still don’t really get how this works, check out this link for further explanation.  If it sounds like this is for you, call the office to make an appointment (215.741.1600).   Please also share with friends.