Just a few quick things to bring to your attention:

Spring cleaning:  our spring metabolic liver detox starts in just a few weeks.  If you’re planning on coming to Food Group this week, call the office ahead of time and you can pick up your detox kit while you’re there!  $80 for the kit, which will include daily emails for support.

Food Group this week will focus on detoxification:  how to do it with food alone, why we use medical foods to speed the process, etc.

Cleaning up our supplement closet!  We once again have some expired supplements on hand.  These are still perfectly good, but I can’t officially sell them.  So:  stop by on Thursday, 3/6/14 from 8:30 – 7pm and we’ll have them out, up for grabs.  Donations will be accepted.

Our group visit slots are filling fast, so call for your appt now!