This is a friendly reminder that Tuesday, 4/1/14, we’ll be having a special Healthy Living Food Group gathering.  Our friends at Shibumi Farm will be with us to talk about the cultivation and health benefits of wild mushrooms, as well as doing a cooking demo for us!  Join us at the office from 7-9pm.  Bring a dish to share, and no, it doesn’t have to contain mushrooms.

Sally Miller is back!

We have the good fortune to have Sally Miller resuming yin yoga classes at MIB starting April 11th.  Class will be Fridays from 5:30-6:45pm.  If you’ve never done yin yoga, you’ll be surprised to know that in these classes, you don’t have to worry about using your muscles or focusing on alignment.  Each pose, mostly done on the floor, activates your connective tissue–this triggers the acupuncture meridians associated with each pose shape.  The poses are held for a long time, which gives you the opportunity to move inward and cultivate stillness.

Sally is a well known area yoga teacher, meditation instructor and Ayurvedic consultant.  We’re so glad to have her back, and look forward to once again letting go of our work week under her guidance.

Class size is limited; we might be able to accommodate drop ins, but those preregistered for class will get first dibs. Please preregister for class by calling 215.741.1600 or emailing  Cost is $15 per class.

We hope to offer online class scheduling by summer; that will also likely allow us to offer prepaid class cards at a discount at that time.  Stay tuned!