It struck me recently that there are a lot of things going on at MIB that folks don’t seem to know about.  Mostly that’s because it’s a complex place, and we all focus on what’s most important to us.  So here are a few things you might not be aware of:

Rad oil

This is an herbal oil that I make up that is used to protect skin from radiation damage.  It’s a recipe that I learned many years ago from an herbalist friend of mine; mostly St John Wort oil plus boswellia.  Works way better than the creams the radiation centers give you.  No, I don’t have published, randomized controlled trials on it, but we do have years of use and positive case studies.  It ends up getting shipped all over the country, as (mostly) women send some to friends when they get a diagnosis like breast  cancer.

Sophytopro Skin Products

Ok, this is coming from someone who wears no makeup, doesn’t color her hair, doesn’t even have any piercings:  all of us need to take better care of our skin.  Skin care products typically have a TON of nasty ingredients, the least of which is gluten.  And yes, we absorb it all through our skin.  I’ve found a line of products that are herbal-based, work really well, and are a reasonable cost.  The creator of this line is a UK-based herbalist who happens to be a friend of a friend (she knows Lieze Perlmutter, wife of David Perlmutter, MD).

I like these products so much that I decided to carry them at the office.  There is one line for “older” skin (that would be me!) and one for acne-prone skin.  Next time you’re in, check them out.

Homeopathic Lyme Protocol

It’s not even May, but Brad and I are already picking ticks off both each other and Trooper when we walk each day.  Did you know that the office carries a homeopathic protocol for those of us who contract Lyme?  It’s Beth Rotondo’s protocol and worked really well for me years ago when I contracted Lyme (I still recommend taking a month of doxycycline with it, but I’m sure it was the homeopathy that worked in my case!).  If you see a tick and a bullet rash, or get a new diagnosis, stop in to pick up the kit.

Bioimpedence Assessment

A BIA is a way to check your body composition.  How much fat, how much muscle, how many calories do you burn off in a day just existing?  These are much more important markers of health than your weight and BMI.  Some of us are “skinny fat people”, whose weight is fine, but we’re so undermuscled that our fat content is too high.  Others of us might be a bit overweight, but our fat-to-muscle ratio is actually better than our skinnier friends.  It’s quick and easy to do a BIA reading; it’s what Patti McDougall uses for her coaching sessions and our Balance For Good lifestyle change program (see below).  Think of getting one done this spring as you recover from this past sluggish winter!

Spring Tune up Special

We all know what we need to do to get healthier; eat right, move more and get better sleep.  The challenge is HOW to change a lifetime of questionable habits and years of mis-information.

We’re offering 1:1 sessions with Patti McDougall, BSN, RN Health Coach for a new 8 week program.  Patti will help guide and encourage you on your way to a slimmer, healthier body.   RN Health Coaching provides individual support throughout the 8 week program. Our first meeting is one hour, followed by 4 half-hour visits every two weeks.  Unlimited e-mail support is also available to encourage and assist you in achieving  your individual goals.  We start and finish with a state of the art body composition test to scientifically monitor the progress you’ve made.   Patti will show you how to eat for the rest of your life. The end of the program is just the beginning of a new you!  It is now time to take care of yourself and make YOU a priority.

The cost of the program is $200.  (This amounts to buying 4 sessions and getting one free.)  These sessions may be reimbursable by your health insurance, so please check.

For details, e-mail

Compounded Individualized Vitamins and Minerals

Hopewell Pharmacy offers compounded vitamins and minerals that are often covered by insurance plans.  Genova Diagnostics offers a simple urine test to see what you individually need.  So, let’s put these two together!  We can send you the kit, and when the results are back (about 4 weeks), at an appointment we can review the results and determine what you need in supplements and food.  When necessary, I can then write a prescription for Hopewell to compound for you.  Talk about personalized medicine!  Get your kit now and put your appointment on the schedule; you’ll be healthier in no time.

Kombucha Starter

I happen to have a lot of SCOBY right now (that’s the starter for homemade kombucha).  If you’re interested in making your own, I’ll be selling some SCOBY for just $10—first come, first served til the supply runs out.  Instructions included.  Call or email the office to reserve yours.