I’m giving you plenty of notice:  MIB turns 10 in September!

In celebration, we’ll be having an open house filled with fun and good food on Sunday, September 28 2014 from 1-4pm.  Mark your calendar now so you’ll be able to join us.  (And yes, I checked:  it doesn’t fall on any major holidays, and we’ll be done with the fall liver detox so we can all party appropriately!).  More details to follow in the upcoming months…..

Other news and dates to remember:

Yoga is expanding at MIB

For many years, Jeremi Dilworth has been teaching a Monday pm yoga class, based on Iyengar principles of attention to alignment and breath.  That class runs 6:30-8pm.

Recently, we’ve been happy to welcome Sally Miller back on Friday nights for yin yoga (5:30-6:45pm).  Yin yoga includes long holds of poses that stimulate the connective tissue, energizing the meridians to improve energy flow.  It is a quiet and inward focused practice.

And now, we welcome Doris Szeto, who will be teaching two restorative yoga classes on Wednesdays, starting June 4th.  There will be a lunchtime class (12:00-12:45pm) as well as an evening class (6:30-7:45pm).  Restorative yoga uses props to fully support the body in a pose, creating relaxation and safety.  As the outer body softens, the inner body finds a quietness to receive the breath and create space.  This class is appropriate for those new to yoga, those injured or recovering from illness, or simply as a balance to a busy life.  Since it is a quiet practice, simply wear comfortable clothes to work and swing by for the lunchtime class, no need for a shower after!  Doris is a well known, well loved local teacher and we’re thrilled to have her at MIB.

All classes are $120 for an 8 week series to secure your spot (each class is limited to 8 people!).  If you can’t make each week, just sign up for those you can ($15 drop in fee).  Must preregister:  215-741-1600.  (NOTE:  online scheduling will be available in the next few weeks, so look out for instructions to come!)

Summer Foraging Adventure

Save Sunday, June 29th for an afternoon of foraging with Dan Farella, looking for wild foods and medicine.  We’ll be meeting at the Delaware Canal towpath –parking lot at Black Rock Rd, from 1-4pm.  Dan is a local naturalist and expert forager who will help us learn what local foods we ignore on a regular basis.  I’m really looking forward to this event!  Learn more about Dan here:  http://returntonature.us/.  Further details to follow…..