If you’re like me, you probably find yourself intending to call to schedule a class/appointment, but then get busy and realize the office is closed so you’ll have to do it later.  Well, you no longer have to worry about that, because Medicine in Balance now offers online scheduling for yoga classes, workshops, Circle of Women gatherings and other events!  You’re free to sign up anytime! Simply go to our class page and scroll down to the class you’re interested in.  You’ll see the “reserve and purchase online” button, which takes you to our reservation pages.  (If you belong to a yoga studio almost anywhere, you’ll recognize the software.  In fact, if you DO use this software for other yoga studios, please register using a different user name and password, or the software gets really confused as to which schedule to show you!).

Another option is to go directly to MindBody Online and type in “Medicine in Balance” in the search button on the top right.  That takes several more steps, but it will get you there.

We hope that you’ll like having this option to see our full set of upcoming classes and the ability to register and pay online.  We encourage you to use this site, as our yoga room is small and our class size is limited.  Signing up ahead of time guarantees you a spot; we would hate for people to show up and have to be turned away!

(Note:  if you have already registered and paid for a current set of yoga classes, don’t worry, we’ll put you in the schedule.  You will still need to sign up on the website to register for classes in the future, however.)