This is just a quick reminder that this Sunday, June 29th, is our foraging event with Dan Farella.  There are still spots available, so sign up now!

We will meet up at the Delaware Canal parking lot on Black Rock Rd at 1pm.  We’ll wander the towpath, then head into the woods and fields beyond.  Some of these paths are fairly clear, but there is a good bit of overgrowth this time of year.  And yes, there IS poison ivy in spots, so dress appropriately, including sturdy walking shoes.  You’ll likely want to bring a notebook and either a camera or your smart phone so you’ll recognize the plants once you’re by yourself.

Brad and I walk these paths regularly; found a chicken-of-the-woods mushroom once and I know there are some berries (of some kind!) coming on now.  I’m so curious about all the other things Dan will show us that I walk past in ignorance all the time!

Please arrive promptly, and you might want to bring some water and a hat.  We expect to be out 3 hours.  If we’re lucky, the “isolated thunderstorms” they are calling for will be far away.  See you Sunday!