For years, we’ve been conducting group detox events in the fall and the spring.  I’ve talked about the importance of detoxification in lectures, in my book (Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies) and with patients.  Now, there’s a chance for you to learn even more:  my friend and colleague, Deanna Minich, PhD, has organized an online Detox Summit, and it’s free!  Environmental toxins can be found in what you eat, drink, breathe, feel and think. You may not be aware of toxins, but if you want to be healthy, being educated on the latest in toxins is a must! Chronic conditions, like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, may be associated with environmental toxins in your body.

The pearls of wisdom from expert speakers at The Detox Summit are essential to your health. Join us online for free from August 4-11.

This Detox Summit will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Learn about environmental toxins in food, air and water
  • Understand internally-generated toxins, like thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Recognize toxins of all types and eliminate them
  • Focus on breakthrough solutions to gain more energy and vitality

Register for the free, online Detox Summit :

“Detox” is a multi-faceted term that means many things to people, from drug and alcohol detoxification to nutritional detoxification, or cleanses using food, smoothies and juices. Deanna Minich, PhD, has selected 30 experts in various areas of medicine, nutrition and personal growth to offer a well-rounded, credible approach to the issues of environmental toxins and holistic health.

Here are a few of the presenters:

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Father of Functional Medicine

The Science of Nutritional Detoxification

Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine Expert

Toxins and Chronic Disease: Why Detox is a Necessity for Good Health

Jeffrey Smith, Leading Spokesperson on GMOs

Genetically Modified Foods as Toxins in Everyday Eating

David Wolfe, Superfoods Guru

Foods to Enhance Vitality and Detox

There’s a total of 30 presenters sharing their knowledge; the summit is intended for people everywhere!

When you register, you’ll have access to the following FREE eBooks:

  • Food & Spirit Nourish Your Whole Self™ Report, by Deanna Minich, PhD
  • Detox Your Medicine Cabinet: 26 Herbs and Supplements that Treat Common Symptoms, by Aviva Romm, MD

  • Top 7 Therapeutic Foods, by Kelly Brogan, MD

  • 10 Tips for Helping Your Loved One with Autism, by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

  • Benefits of Vitamin D, by Soram Khalsa, MD

Come listen to The Detox Summit ONLINE for FREE from August 4-11.  Use the link below to register:

Following the summit, Deanna will be organizing a virtual group detox during the month of September.  We can do this in place of, or as a lead up to, our usual metabolic liver detox at the time of the equinox.


Reminder:  save Sunday, September 28th for Medicine in Balance’s 10th Birthday Bash!  We’ll have an open house including lots of fun and good food.  Details coming soon.


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