“August” is a summer month, but it’s also this:  inspiring reverence or admiration, respect.  That hit me this morning on my walk, and I’d like to think I approach every day this way, not just the ones during this month.  August is a funny time, though:  still summer, but already I’m finding myself looking ahead to the fall, planning and preparing for the sprint that is September through the end of the year.  Gotta remember to slow down and look around, now, while I can.

That being said, here’s the fall line up:

  •  Food Group is changing!  For years (7? 8?), we’ve gathered every first Tuesday of the month to share a meal and teach each other about food and sustainability and real cooking.  I think the group will be continuing, but please come this month (8/5) and next (9/2) to discuss what that will look like.  I’ve been accepted into David Winston’s botanical medicine training course, which meets every Tuesday evening for 2 years.  So, obviously, I won’t be making it to Food Group!  My class starts mid-Sept, so I can still make the next two food group meetings as we figure out how to proceed; some of the regulars assure me they’ll keep it alive.  Topic for August is an egg comparison–we’ll see the difference between conventional eggs and local ones, fresh ones and older ones.  I also imagine we’ll be eating lots of lovely tomato dishes!
  • MIB celebrates its 10th birthday on September 28th!  Plan to stop by that afternoon to join in the fun, as we pat ourselves on the back, honor all of those who have been a part of MIB over the years, and announce plans for the future.  Details to follow…
  • Sally Miller, our yin yoga instructor, will be hosting a 6 month meditation and mantra immersion starting October.  For details, go here.  The course consists of one weekend per month and will be held at DIG yoga in Lambertville.  If you’ve always wanted to start a meditation practice but didn’t have the consistency or patience, now is the time and Sally is the teacher!
  •  Siobhan Hutchinson will be back at MIB teaching an advanced T’ai Chi Chih class on Saturdays starting in September.  Details are still being arranged, so stay tuned.  If you’re interested in a beginner class, find some friends and let me know, because if there is enough interest, Siobhan would love to teach a class!
  •  We’ll be attending LBCCC’s Fall Health Fest on October 5th, held at George School and co-sponsored by St Mary Medical Center.  I’ll be speaking at 2pm; look for more details soon!
  •  Don’t forget that now you can sign up for our yoga classes and other workshops online!  Treat yourself to a restorative class, sample a yin class or stretch your horizons with our Monday night class with Jeremi.  Each and every class we host is amazing!

PS:  Don’t forget that the Detox Summit has started!  Register here