I just got back from picking up my CSA share, and I think folks need to know what that actually entails.  Every Thursday during the CSA season, I change into “farm clothes” at the office (ie. T shirt and shorts, garden clogs) and head out.  In my car are several sturdy bags, a big plastic wash basket and a jug of water (for flowers, not me).

After grabbing my share in the distribution barn at the farm, I head out to the fields to pick what else is available, including flowers.  Often I see folks I know and we chat.  I was struck today by all the folks who go out of their way to come to the farm, to get fresh sustainably grown food.  Men in business suits (no jackets), in the field picking and sharing recipes for the abundance of tomatoes we’re getting.  (I noticed that one guy had put on sneakers, but was otherwise in work attire).  Some women straight from work, tight skirts and heels–how do you do that in the bean field, anyway?  Actually, how do you do that EVER?  One woman on her cell phone the entire time she picked cherry tomatoes; I kept thinking how sad it was that she wasn’t paying attention to the nature around her.  Oh well.  On the way back to my car, I got to see the rabbit babies that are new to the farm.

We are so blessed to live where we live.  It’s September, and as I look at my kitchen island, I’m amazed at yet another huge load of tomatoes, the first of the fall greens, even a pumpkin.  Our freezer is already stuffed with sauce, packages of roasted tomatoes, even stuffed peppers ready for a quick meal.  My dehydrator has been busy with tomatoes.  In the oven right now is a casserole of collard rollups (steamed collard leaves, stuffed with flavored ricotta and covered with our tomato sauce)–I know everyone who raised all the parts of this dish.  Wow, I sure do love the harvest!___________________________________________________

Ok, here’s some business stuff :

First and foremost:  MIB turns 10 this month!  Come to our party on Sunday Sept 28th, 1-4pm at the office.  Great food, time to chat, and sign up for raffles (examples:  one of my books, a BIA session with Patti, a 30 minute Matrix session with Suzette along with a copy of the book Physics of Miracles, an OMT session with Tom Sabalaske, DO, certificates for each of our yoga classes, a certificate to be used toward supplements, and more!).  More importantly, representatives from the Peace Center will be present to talk about their work and accept your donations, so bring your check books!  If you could, please email the office or call to tell us you plan to attend, so we have an accurate head count for the food!  frontdesk@medicineinbalance.com

Fall Metabolic Liver Detox:  As always, we’ll be starting a virtual group metabolic liver detox this fall.  It runs 10 days, starting Friday Sept 19th (gets us basically done in time for our party!).  During this detox, we’ll be doing a partial elimination diet, in addition to using a medical food to enhance liver detoxification.  I’ll be sending an email each morning to keep us all on track and encourage communication among us.  Some of us have done this numerous times, others are new, so please:  get involved and let’s make this a group thing!  Call the office to get involved.  Cost:  $80.  215-741-1600

Food Group Survives!  At last week’s meeting, in addition to a great meal, the group made this decision:  the Healthy Living Food Group will continue without my input at least until the end of the year.  I’ll be busy with a botanical therapeutics course for the next 2 years (every Tuesday night, so can’t make the meetings), but long standing members of the group have offered to facilitate.  Here’s the agenda:  Oct–how the detox went and what we accomplished; Nov–healthy holiday meals; Dec–healthy appetizers and desserts for holiday entertaining.  We’ll see how things go after that!  It will still be the best meal you’ve had all month!

Tai Chi Ch’uh  Siobhan has decided to turn this into a beginner class after all!  So, if you’re interested, contact Siobhan Hutchinson directly.  Siobhan@nextstepstrategiesllc.com.  They will be held at the office on 4 consecutive Saturdays 10:45, starting 9/20.

Yoga at MIB  There are 3 opportunities weekly to enjoy yoga at MIB.  On Monday evenings, a varied but Iyengar-based class is held by Jeremi from 6:30-8pm.  On Wednesdays, both from noon-12:45 and again from 6:30-7:45 we have restorative yoga with Doris.  In this class, your only job is to lie down and be held in postures by pillows and other props.  Sally has been leading us in Yin yoga on Friday afternoons.  If you love this class, or are curious about yin yoga, come this week or next, cause it’s your last chance.  Sally has a busy outside teaching schedule this fall, and we’ve agreed that it’s best to cancel this class for now.  Last scheduled class will be Friday 9/19.

If you want to try our classes, or you already are a regular and love them, please reserve your space as early as possible at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com