I put on socks regularly this past week.  We brought the houseplants in from the deck today.  It’s getting dark earlier.  Yeah, it’s Fall, I can’t hide it anymore.  I actually like Fall….who wouldn’t like the crunch of leaves under foot, the change of colors in the trees, the crisp air?  I just used to like the slower transition from summer….but I suppose that’s gone for good as I age and time shifts.  Now, the CSA offering each week keeps me in line.  More lovely greens and the first of the winter squash! As Fall moves ahead, things change at MIB.  Here’s just a small list of what’s happening:

Qigong class series

Qigong helps to cultivate a relaxed body and quiet mind through movement and meditation.  Call today to get in on this fabulous class!
6 week series of Thursday evenings, 7-8pm.  October 16-November 20.  Cost:  $90  Starts this week!!

Taught by Jeremy Harlow, a certified advanced qigong instructor and clinical practitioner.  Jeremy has a nursing background and massage training; he has been teaching qigong, taiji quan, meditation and various forms of mind-body methods since 1996. Jeremy will also be available for individual lessons in meditation and qigong, as well
as sessions of body work. We are very excited to welcome him to the MIB family.  For more information about him, please see:  www.danceswithspirit.com.

Please register for the class directly with Jeremy:  410-409-4803.  Act fast to confirm your spot!


Listening Retreat with Lisa Weikel

Discovering the Voices that Guide and Nurture Our Soul

Join Lisa, our shamanic practitioner, for a weekend of developing and appreciating our unique and often forgotten ability to listen to the most important things in life.  (I can’t wait to join this gathering!)

Friday pm-Sunday afternoon, Nov 7-9th.

Where:  Weisel Hostel, Nockamixon, Bucks County, PA     price $380

(includes snacks, lunch and dinner Saturday, light brunch Sunday.  Overnight accommodations available as well)  Email Lisa at owlmedicine@gmail.com for info and to register.


Food Group

The first Tuesday of the month, this group meets to discuss everything food related.  Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes there isn’t.  Always, it’s a potluck and the best meal you’ll eat all month long!  Each first Tuesday, from 7-9pm.  November:  meals for the upcoming holidays.  December:  appetizers and desserts to prove that it’s easy to eat well and healthy and still feel celebratory!  Just come…after a session or so, you’ll want to bring a dish to share.


Just opened:  Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center

I’m so happy that this center opened right down the road from us!  Hyperbaric oxygen can be useful for anyone with neurologic issues (Alzheimer’s, concussion, Parkinson’s, etc) as well as those of us who simply want to age well.  Hyperbaric oxygen restores normal cellular function, slows down the inflammation associated with chronic disease….and has fabulous research showing its beneficial effects on brain damage from concussion and other structural issues.

Located near us, it’s convenient and they “get it “; the owner got involved after personal family issues around brain issues.  Check it out:  http://o2oasis.com/


Short notes:

  • I was recently at a policy day in DC in honor of Senator Harkin.  Here’s the words of my friend Danny Friedland, MD, ABIHM regarding that day:  http://tinyurl.com/lsqozkh
  •  Thanks to all of you who attended the anniversary party!  It was great fun, and such a revelation to look back and forward at the same time.
  • Our staffer Liz Kuzmicki Jopko is moving on at the end of the month.  We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure!
  • Free online Food Allergy Wellness summit!  If you’re trying to deal with food allergies for yourself or a loved one, check this out:  http://www.foodallergywellness.com/.  Runs November 3-6th, 2014 hosted by Crystal Sabalaske.  Great resources!