I always tell folks that I won’t bombard them with email when they sign up for this blog….didn’t realize I’ve missed nearly 2 months since the last one!

So it’s the end of the year.  All the different holidays, focused on the return of the light, physically and metaphorically.  Our own home lighted in the dark early hours as well as the longer late ones, with sparkling tree lights and strings of twinkle lights scattered about.  It makes me pause and breathe and feel the wonder…

This past year, I was introduced to a lovely concept.  Rather than a “to do” list, make a “to done” list.  Instead of focusing on what still needs to be accomplished and polished and completed, spend a few moments relishing those things that are done, and hopefully done well.  You will totally amaze yourself.  So, here’s a portion of my “to done” list:


  • MIB’s 10th birthday party.  Not the party itself, but the fact that we’ve been here, thriving and doing well, for 10 years.  It was such a great time to reflect on who we’ve been and what we are becoming.
  • The successful transition of front desk staff.  Liz has moved to Florida and we hope she’s happy there.  Tracy is up and running and amazing us every day.  Woo hoo!  (special thanks to Darlene and Patti for hanging in there during the transition!)
  • Jeremy is offering qi gong classes.  Different from tai chi, these are amazing and open up a whole new world to some folks.
  • We updated our entire computer system.  I know it’s no big deal to you, but, well, my main IT guy is my sweet husband.  Let’s just say we survived the transition.  Yes!
  • Signed another 5 year lease on our space.  That means we’re not going anywhere (and since we’ve been through several owners and different management companies lately, it hasn’t been easy).  Watch for some minor upgrades and sprucing up through the winter.
  • Food Group survives!  I’m smack in the throws of a botanical medicine course that runs on Tuesday nights during Food Group, so our stalwart regulars continue to meet and spread knowledge about food and health.  Make a point of attending, as it will be the best potluck you’ve ever attended.  First Tuesday of every month.  (I’ll be back in 2016!)
  • Patti McDougall continues to help folks turn their lives around.  Patti is our RN health coach and her job is to make my “you need to do this” pronouncements turn into reality.  New Year’s….resolutions….I think you should think about calling and meeting her personally!
  • An integrative medicine journal club organized by Beth Dupree, MD.  Journal clubs are generally groups of docs trying to continue to learn together.  We read journal articles, discuss them, network.  Beth invited me to attend, and it’s fabulous.  So happy to spread the word about holistic integrative medicine!
  • The creation of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.  I’m leaving the board of directors, but have been happy to be part of its inception, and glad to continue to serve on the education committee.  More info:  www.aihm.org.


  • For the first time, I had that awful “I’m far away and how do I keep in touch” feeling as my dad (and family) dealt with a bunch of health issues.  He’s doing well now.  Thanks to my sis the nurse, who takes care of most of this…and thanks to the family for also listening to my/another point of view.  (Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!)
  • I finally decided to bite the bullet and take David Winston’s Botanical Therapeutics class.  Amazing, and I’m so glad I did.  Yes, every Tuesday from 5-10pm for 2 years.  Yes, monthly quizzes.  Yes, 2 major projects.  But fountains of knowledge and online friendships and the joy of learning.  I hope I still feel this way decades from now.
  • Still taking care of myself despite all these pulls.  Still doing 3-4 yoga classes each week (3 brisk vinyasa classes and usually one restorative).  Mostly eating well, and plenty of HeartMath.  Usually daily walks with the dogs.  PausingOften.
  • An amazing workshop with Lisa Weikel, our shaman.  She’ll probably be embarrassed if she reads this, but it was a great weekend.  Listening:  to Nature, to ourselves, to each other.  A shamanic journey.  Peace and quiet and hard stuff too.  Good food.  New friends.  Whew!  Hope she does it again soon…and if she does, attend!!
  • Sponsoring a Standard poodle puppy (6 months now, and not so small) as he prepares to be a companion animal to a boy with Autism in Georgia.  Titan is a great dog, and our dog Trooper made this “job” really easy, since he is such a good role model.  Titan is currently lanky and loving and mostly attentive.  I think we’re going to miss him a lot….as will Trooper.  Maybe we’ll need to become a multi-dog family full time.

Do this exercise yourself:  what have you accomplished this year?  Surprise yourself with all the good things, small and large.  Now, go sit in the dark with some small light source.  Breathe.  Smile.  Open up to the possibilities.  It’s going to be a great new year!