No pontificating this time–don’t know if that makes you happy or sad.  I do, however, have some announcements that you’ll be happy to hear as well as some really fun resources that I’ve gathered lately and want to share.

First, we have a new practitioner joining us at MIB!  Jeremy Harlow is trained in qi gong, tai chi, craniosacral therapy and other hands on healing techniques.  His background as an RN also informs his work.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have him teaching qi gong class series for several months; starting in March, he’ll be available for individual sessions.  These sessions may include craniosacral therapy, private qi gong or meditation instruction or whatever seems appropriate at the time.  There will also be a 12 week qi gong class series starting in March!  For more information about Jeremy, check out his personal website:


Circle of Women Gathering:  The Third Wednesday of the Month, 6:30-8pm

February 18th:  Self Love is Real Love

During February, we are inundated with hearts and talk of love.  How can we love another if we don’t first love ourselves? Join this group of diverse women to ask that question and explore how we can begin to have a love affair with ourselves. Facilitated by Patti McDougall, RN health coach. $15. Please pre-register (just click the link under “Circle of Women”)

March 18th:  An Evening of Matrix Energetics with Suzette Gore.

In addition to being an acupuncturist and certified in Bach Flower remedies, Suzette is a Certified Matrix Energetics practitioner.  This consciousness technology can shift the way we experience our reality and facilitate change on many levels.  Suzette will be discussing her experience and giving demonstrations.  6:30-8pm.  Please register by phone or email for this free event. or 215-741-1600.


Educational and Fun Resources for the Public:

Good Food for Cheap

Leanne Brown is a food studies scholar, avid cook and author of Good and Cheap, a free online book of how to eat well on $4 a day.  This pdf has been downloaded more than 500,000 times–check it out here:  The recipes are good, the ideas behind them are sound, and you don’t have to know a thing about cooking.  I love that her point is cooking from scratch is the cheapest way to go!

Breast Health Webinars

I was honored to co-present a series of webinars with Lise Alschuler, ND on breast health and immune boosting for breast cancer survivors.  These were supported by and Gaia Herbs.  The first webinar can be found on our website ( and the others will be posted there soon.  Lise is a naturopathic oncologist and a survivor herself–and a great lecturer!  I think you’ll enjoy these talks.


Resources for Health Professionals and Interested Public

AIHM Recordings

The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine has a large compilation of conference recordings, both audio and video.  These cover a wide variety of topics and were originally intended to help professionals review for a certification exam.  That being said, they are also simply wonderful educational experiences.  Take a look and see what you think!

Gaia Herbs Professional Website

If you’re interested in learning about herbs, Gaia maintains a nice library of webinar recordings, white papers, monographs and other resources aimed at the health professional.  There are a number of webinars planned for the next few months as well; the listing is here:  I believe you can sign up for the webinars without being a licensed professional –if you have trouble with this, email me directly and I’d be happy to see what I can do to get you involved.  Just remember that the information is aimed at clinicians; doesn’t mean it will be over your head, just be warned!

Professional Conferences

“People, Planet, Purpose”  The AIHM second annual conference, October 25th, 2015.  San Diego.  Come join us, it’s going to be fabulous!

IM4US, August 6th 2015.  IM4US is a national group whose purpose is to bring integrative medicine to the underserved.  Looking forward to this conference!