Ah, the amazing things I hear on my yoga mat.  I’ve been thinking a lot about a comment my teacher made recently:  that our society is SO backward.  We’re designed to move our bodies and still our minds, but we do the exact opposite–sit too much and have busy brains.  No wonder we feel so off balance.  As we move toward acheiving that still mind and mobile body, we’ll have a better chance of creating a space for our soul to reside in happiness, bliss, sukah.  A place of being, not doing.  Let’s all work toward that.


You haven’t heard from me in a long time, as my weekends have been consumed by several out of town weddings, a medical conference and a shamanic workshop.  It’s summer, and time to look ahead for the next several months.

Most important:  If you love Doris’s restorative yoga classes, you’ll need to prove it to us!  I imagine that you’ve all been busy, but we’ve cancelled a LOT of classes for poor attendance, and it’s not fair to Doris to ask her to set aside time and then not end up teaching.  So, step up to the plate and sign up for class.  If we don’t see a big change, her classes will be permanently cancelled by the end of July.  Just saying!  Also, remember that Jeremi has a lovely class each Monday evening.

Fall Liver Detox:  We’ll start up 9/18 and run for 10 days, since the equinox is 9/23.  Plan now to join us; more details to follow.


My medical conference a few weeks ago was all about genomics–the study of individual gene changes and how they impact our health risks, how we metabolize food and medicines, how we feel, etc.  You’ve probably heard of the company 23andMe–they will map your genome and let you know what snp’s (mutations) you have.  They’re no longer allowed to let you know how this impacts your health, but there are other websites that will do that.

It turns out that 23andMe allows practitioners to register with them, and allows their patients to get a kit for a discounted amount; the results are also fast-tracked, so answers will be back sooner than the usual 4 weeks.  My own kit is already cooking with them; if you’re interested in getting a kit at a discount, please email me directly (drwarner@medicineinbalance.com).  I’ll get you the code to use when you order.  If you then want me to do the interpretation for you, we can arrange that; I’m not sure what the charge will be yet, as I know it will take several hours of work per kit.  I’ll let you know once I’ve done my own.  Who would want to do this?  Folks who are curious (like me) and folks who have a strong family history for diseases like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers, autoimmune conditions, etc.  Also folks who might be adopted and so don’t have any idea what they’re at risk for.  Perhaps also those who find they have a lot of trouble tolerating medicines and supplements.  All these folks could benefit from knowing more detail about their make up.  Please be aware, though, that you may get information that is a bit surprising.  And keep in mind that simply having a gene for something does NOT mean that tendency will ever be expressed….in fact, that’s kind of the whole point.  If you’re at genetic risk for something, we can make changes now to lessen the chance that it will ever happen.  This is what it means to truly have personalized health care!

Enjoy your summer!  Use the time to slow down…..