Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer.  Kayaking in the early morning, yard work, sitting on the deck for lunch, a walk at dusk…trying to ease in to the rush that becomes the fall.  At least the nights are getting cool once more.


New ICD-10 Codes make our lives more complicated for a bit

As you may have heard, the US is switching from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes starting October 1st.  These are the codes that are used to specify diagnoses, and are attached to all your visits with me and other docs, as well as labslips, etc.  The system is moving from roughly 13,000 different codes to more than 68,000 new ones.  This allows us/forces us to mention if an injury is left sided vs right sided for instance; it also includes codes for “bitten by a cow”, “struck by a duck”, “pedestrian on foot injured by collision with roller skater” (doesn’t that one sound redundant?).  At any rate, the codes will be different….and we have to change along with them.

So what does this mean to you?  If you’ve seen me anytime in the past year, there’s a good chance I sent you home with a labslip to be used prior to your next appointment.  And unless it’s been the past few weeks, that labslip now needs to be replaced if you plan to get labs drawn on or after October 1st.  If you show up at the lab with an old labslip, either they will refuse to accept it, or there will be a delay as they call the office and my staff will have to fax a new one to them.       Save all of us a lot of hassle:  if you see this, please email and ask that they send you a new one.  We will be methodically going through all upcoming appts to see who needs to be given new slips, but if you know yours is old, please beat us to the punch!

Here’s a clue:  old slips have diagnosis codes that are all numbers (listed on right hand column of labslip).  New ones start with a letter.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we move through this transition.


Energy Medicine 101, taught by Siobhan Hutchinson, Saturday 9/19/15 from 9am-5pm.  This workshop will introduce the basics of Eden Energy work.  You’ll learn a Daily Energy Routine, plus ways to feel grounded and centered.  $125  (CE’s available for massage therapists for an additional $10).  Contact Siobhan directly at 609-752-1048 or

Fall Metabolic Liver Detox will start 9/18/15 and run for 10 days.  This is our twice a year event in which we eat a partial elimination diet fortified by a medical food powder designed to aid the liver in it’s job of detoxification.  We start on the same day and support each other via daily emails.  Please contact the office to register:  215-741-1600

Radiant heart qigong – embracing infinite love: physical, energetic and spiritual cultivation

New workshop with Jeremy Harlow!  Radiant Heart Qigong – Embracing Infinite Love: This qigong form is a system of physical, energetic and spiritual cultivation that fully immerses all aspects of who we are into the infinite field of our own radiant heart. We begin by breathing sacred unity, deeply integrating our body, mind and spirit. Next there are several movements that address the vertical, horizontal, front and back, and side to side aspects of our bodies. Then we move into the elemental hand mudras, shaman’s bounce and spinal wave practices (similar to jelly fish motions) that are derived from ancient longevity techniques of the turtle and crane qigong. Next we activate our central channel followed by radiating our heart inward and outward with sound and light. Finally we relax into and behold infinite love by embracing our own sacred hearts.
  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015   4pm-7pm
  • Cost: $50
  • Registration: Please contact Jeremy directly  410-409-4803


Here’s how I spent Labor Day morning:









And look, Trooper is getting a little sister!  We pick her up next weekend: