October is arguably my favorite month of the year.  Hot and muggy is gone, colors become vibrant again outside, and usually my energy soars.  However, it’s also the month of *pink*.  I’m so sick of it, and sick of what actually happens when we perpetuate this pink stuff.

Initially, pink was used to “raise awareness” of breast cancer.  Well, that’s obviously worked; now we’re all way too aware of it.  Then, pink became the cool way to get attention and raise money….mostly for organizations like the Komen Foundation.  Here’s the bad news:  very, very little of the money you’ve donated to groups like that actually go toward research or care for those patients with breast cancer.  Much of it goes toward staff salaries, fund raising events and other administrative costs.  And essentially none of it goes toward research for those with metastatic disease, a condition that has become increasingly common and means a lifetime of treatment to keep it at bay.

In the past two weeks, here are the places I’ve seen that ask for *pink* donations:  my favorite liquor store (even though alcohol is a known carcinogen in large amounts); the gas station (even though exposure to petrochemicals is also a known carcinogen); and the Wawa (I go in to use their fee-free ATM, not to purchase the carcinogen-filled junk they sell).  A year or so ago, there was even a report of special *pink* drill bits used for off-shore oil drilling!

So please, spend your money wisely.  If you want to donate, send money to metavivor.org, mbcassistance.org or doitforthelove.org.  And if you want to read more about this, here’s a good article in Huffington post.  Please, think before you pink!


Radiant Heart Qigong Workshop

October 24 2015, 4-7pm.  Facilitator:  Jeremy Harlow  Cost:  $50

Unify your body, mind and spirit.  Be immersed in your Sacred Hearts natural radiance.  Be nourished and transformed in a healing circle of sound and light.

Register by calling 410-409-4803.  More info, see Jeremy’s personal website:  www.danceswithspirit.com.


I Am Symposium:  already in progress!

Sponsored by the Practical Shaman, this free online symposium is about how to use your creative powers to attain your highest goals and aspirations.  Our own Lisa Weikel will be speaking Wednesday 10/14 (soon!).  Click here to sign up.


Your Health Solution

This is a new website / project I’m involved in—the aim is to get information to patients regarding integrative therapies, when perhaps those individuals can’t see a practitioner directly for either financial or geographical reasons.  It’s about personal empowerment to change the way you live to promote optimal health.

The site is still being worked on and services still being added, but check it out:  yourhealthsolution.com.  The cancer treatment plans are all up, and lots more to follow!

Associated with this, my colleagues have published a fabulous new book:  After Cancer Care by Gerald Lemole, MD, Pallav Mehta, MD and Dwight McKee, MD.  It gives the whys and hows of what to do after treatment is complete—a time when many patients feel left on their own.  My colleagues are brilliant, the book is helpful, and should be in the hands of everyone you know as they make their way on a healing journey through cancer.