crocusI got curious about the whole “leap year” thing and did some searching:  I knew it was to make up for the fact that we don’t use a lunar calendar and therefore would get progressively off-sync as time goes on.  The Gregorian calendar that we use is set to keep Easter close to the Spring Equinox (that’s all about Christianity taking over old pagan holidays, but that’s another discussion).  However, what I didn’t know is that the concept of leap year done this way wasn’t introduced until 1582, and if you actually were to add in an extra day every 4 years, you end up overshooting.  So, we remove 3 leap days every 400 years.  Who knew?

So is it actually an “extra day” as I keep reading on the internet?  Well, no, obviously time hasn’t actually changed, just the way we mark it.  So it means that my colleague, who was born about 10 years before me, is finally about 16!  Hope he makes it to drinking age!  Other than that, Leap Day is just a human construct.  But one could see it as a chance to “start anew” if that works for you.  Below I list a few things that might help you start afresh….

(And for the record, those crocus are in my yard.  In February.  Go figure!)


Food Group

Our monthly healthy potluck is still meeting, but we’ve switched it to the second Tuesday of the month as that has been working better for most folks.  Gathering from 7-9pm, the group shares a meal and talks about some topic regarding healthy food, our environment, integrative medicine, that kind of thing.  My attendance is still suspended, as I’m busy with an herbal class on Tuesday nights, but I’ll be back in the fall.  Plan to come:  it’s the best meal you’ll eat all month! (Free!)

We’re Now a Drop Off Spot for Love Grows CSA!

There’s a new CSA in town:  Love Grows.  If you’re not familiar with CSA’s, the concept is simple:  members pay the farmers up front so that the farmers have the resources to get their crops into the ground.  Then the members receive a share of what grows throughout the season.  Imagine: fresh food, locally grown, each week.  You get to know and support the farmers who work so hard to help us eat well.

Love Grows will work a bit differently from other CSA’s.  You don’t have to bother going to a farm, and you don’t have to do any work.  Simply place your “order” online specifying what you want from the week’s offerings, then show up at the drop off spot on the given day and collect your box.  The food is grown sustainably using organic practices (though not certified), on land at Snipes farm in Morrisville.  (Snipes is also doing their CSA; see their website for details).  Pick up at Medicine in Balance will be Thursday afternoons, probably 3pm-6 or 7pm.

If you’re interested, JUMP on this!  Their early bird discount (a substantial savings) ends today, 2/29/16!

Spring Liver Detox

Several of you have already called wondering when this will happen:  let’s start on Friday 3/18/16.  That way you can all still drink on St Patty’s day, and I’ll be done in time for my birthday.

What is this?  Each spring and fall we do a 10 Day group metabolic liver detox.  It’s simple:  a modified elimination diet to give your liver less to do, plus a medical food designed to help the liver optimize the function of the detoxification pathways.  We keep up with each other via email during the 10 days, both for inspiration and to answer questions.  It’s great fun and you’ll probably feel a LOT better at the end of the 10 days.  Join us!  Call the office to register and pick up your medical food.  Cost:  $80.

Coloring Books

Many of you know that I’ve been suggesting coloring books as a meditation aid and way to turn off a busy brain.  So, for the month of March, we’re clearing off the bulletin board in the waiting room and asking that you bring in your art!  Let’s see how creative we’ve all been, and hopefully help inspire each other to do even more art….and in the process, retrain our brains to be still.