I knew it’s been a long time since my last blog post, but just realized tonight that it’s been 6 months!  Ok, so for some of you that’s a good thing, but I really didn’t mean it to be quite so long.

Stuff to talk about:

  • Food group
  • Group acupuncture
  • Listening retreat
  • Schedule change for yoga on Wednesdays
  • video project


FOOD GROUP/ Healthy Potluck

If you’ve been keeping up with the office, you know that I’ve been skipping our monthly food group/healthy potluck meetings for the past two years.  I’ve been busy with a botanical therapeutics class that meets on Tuesday evenings, so the “regulars” have kept the meeting going in my place.  (and leaving me “left overs”, which are always yummy, thanks ladies!).  Well, there’s only one more class left, so I’ll be back to attending Food Group starting September 13th.  Please join us–it’s free.  Just bring something yummy to eat/share.  We will not have a “topic” to discuss this month, as I’ll be catching up with the group and planning our topics for the rest of the fall.  If you want to learn more about herbs, I’m prime to talk about that also.  Just come.  Second Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm.  Best meal you’ll eat all month!


Acupuncture Happy Hour

Suzette Gore is teaming up with Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio to provide a series of evenings of group acupuncture in a fun setting.  As per the Peacock website:  The Happy Hour session provides a unique Acupuncture treatment that requires no intake or diagnostic evaluation. The purpose is simply to help calm and balance the system, support the ability of the body to heal and recharge itself & to facilitate a general state of wellbeing. (Note that this is not the proper venue to have your specific, individual health concerns addressed).

If you’ve always thought about trying acupuncture but didn’t want to get “committed”, or if you’re just looking for some relaxation, try this out.  It will also give you a chance to see the yoga studios I call home.  (shifts between Langhorne and Yardley studios).  Suzette is the best, and this combo is totally worth checking into.  More info here.


Listening Retreat

Have you ever wondered:
How does anyone actually listen to what matters most?
How do we tune into guidance when we yearn for wisdom in our lives?
How do we know when we’re hearing the “Truth?”
What would it feel like to immerse ourselves in a weekend of nature and nurture, quiet and inspiration?
Are you curious to find out?
If so, join Lisa Weikel for a weekend of developing and appreciating our unique and often forgotten ability to remember and listen to the most important things in life.  (For the record, I’ve done this retreat and it’s amazing)
Friday Sept 30th-Sunday Oct 2nd
Weisel Hostel (Quakertown, PA).  (my note:  stay at the hostel, it’s worth it).
Contact Lisa for details and to register:  owlmedicine@gmail.com
Restorative Yoga Schedule Change
Due to popular demand, our Wednesday restorative yoga class will now be starting at 11:15 and running to noon.  This starts September 7th.  Please schedule directly with Doris:  yoga@medicineinbalance.com.
Integrative Wisdom
I was honored to be part of a video collective of leaders in integrative health and medicine.  If you didn’t see it on social media, here’s a link.  Take the time to watch others on the site also, as it’s an amazing group filled with heart and wisdom.