For years now I’ve been offering a 10-day metabolic liver detoxification each spring and fall, consisting of a partial elimination diet plus a liver-supporting medical food.  A group of us starts up around the same time, and stay in touch via email each day to lend support, answer questions and give each other ideas.

This year, I’m really feeling the need for something longer, more subtle, deeper and longer lasting.  Sometimes, I keep up my usual busy pace during the 10 days and it’s just a bit of an after thought to do the detox.  I really want to avoid that this fall; my whole being needs to be reset.

So, since I’m going to be doing this new plan, I thought some of you might want to join me!

Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  • Whole food eating to improve liver detoxification and elimination
  • Herbal tea for detoxification support
  • Meditation, breathwork and / or HeartMath ® practices daily
  • Daily connection with Nature
  • Yoga, walking or other moderate exercise daily
  • Sleep support (tea, breathwork, yoga nidra)
  • Instruction in hot/cold water therapy for detoxification
  • Instruction in dry skin brushing for support of elimination
  • Private Facebook group for support and connection (rather than email)


You’ll receive an electronic packet of information to make this reset your own.

  • Symptom questionnaire to do at the onset and at the conclusion of the reset to judge your changes
  • Detox diet instructions including recipes, explanation, and a quickie “cheat sheet”
  • Journal sheets to track your eating, emotions, etc
  • Resource list for breathwork instruction, yoga nidra mp3s, etc
  • Specific suggestions re: connecting with Nature
  • And other surprises!


Program cost includes detox tea, sleep time tea, packet above, and support throughout the process.

The program will run from Saturday September 10th through Saturday September 30th.

Your investment is $120.

Want to try it?  I’d love to have company on this journey.  If you have questions, please email me directly at

Note:  if you prefer to do the older 10 metabolic liver detox on your own, we’ll always have the Ultraclear Renew available for purchase.