It’s cool enough in the mornings now that I sometimes need a jacket when I’m walking….and I’ve been taking a light with me for quite awhile now.  Harder to see the deer and foxes as they make their way around the neighborhood, but the dogs always let me know when they’re around.  Big acorns hitting the wooden deck can sound like hammers…..


Announcements first this time:

Food Group!   Second Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm at the office.  Bring a dish to share.

This week (October 11th) we’ll discuss eating to build your bones

November 8th the topic is eating to stabilize autoimmune disorders

December 13th we’ll discuss eating to boost immunity and avoid colds/flu

In the winter, I’m thinking we might want to discuss some basic home herbal prep, like medicinal syrups and lozenges.  You’ll have to let me know what you think.  We haven’t done a hands-on night in quite a long time, and it might be fun.


Detox Tea and Sleep Time Tea

These were a hit with the folks who joined me on the 21 Day Reset.  So, I’ll continue to make them and have them available at the office for sale.  The Detox Tea includes several herbs to help your liver maintain it’s ability to detoxify substances for us; it also contains some herbs to help with anxiety and stress, as these make the body waste energy.  Plus it tastes delicious.  The Sleep Time Tea is just what it sounds like:  herbs that help relieve an agitated mind, muscle spasm and angst in order to drift off more easily and maintain sleep better.  It also tastes great.  Grab some the next time you’re in the office!


Feeling pensive today

This weekend, I attended the funeral of a woman I used to work with, Colleen Bubb.  She was one of the best scrub techs I’ve ever worked with, a fabulous L&D nurse, and a really, really funny person.  She was just shy of 60 when she passed last week after a short (2 month) bout with cancer.

At her funeral were many physician colleagues, nurses she used to work with, plus coworkers from her most recent employer (my old practice!).  Her former manager made an interesting point:  a lot of us hadn’t worked with her in 16 years, yet it was still important to us to pay our respect.  I think that says a lot.  Most of the memories shared were of the silly things she did to make us all laugh, and about how much she loved life.  I didn’t share this at the time, but once, in the early 90’s, we were stuck at the hospital in a snow storm.  Once all our patients were taken care of and moved out of L&D, we had some time to kill….so Colleen dragged the OR table out of our C-section room and promptly taught me country western line dancing.  I never danced back then, so this was a lot of fun.  But man, was I mortified when a few months later there was a fund raising party for the hospital’s new NICU, and Colleen dragged me onto the dance floor with her!

Colleen’s death is yet another reminder to wake up and live.  How many times people tell me they have to do this first and then that, and maybe later they’ll get around to doing what they really want to do.  We feel pushed by finances or expectations to live a life so fast that we don’t even stop to breathe, to notice, to feel.  Or, we’re so disillusioned that we distract ourselves with endless hours in front of computer or TV screens, rather than figure out why we’re bored and don’t care.

I’m glad that I still try to stop and notice.  I’m glad that I’m learning to be still enough and quiet enough to listen.  And I have folks in my life who help me laugh, a lot.  That’s a pretty good start.  Hope you’re headed this way as well.