Yes, I know it’s a busy week for everyone, but I wanted to put a few ideas out there so you can start planning ahead.  Since folks tend to make resolutions for the New Year, following are a few things that might help you out:

Guided Lifestyle Change:  Eat better, move more, get some data

This winter, we’re very happy to announce that Dr. Natalie Bieber will be spending time with MIB, and will be primarily responsible for helping you all make the changes you want to make.  Natalie did a rotation with us when she was still a student at PCOM, and is completing her family medicine residency in 2017 (as chief resident, no less!).  As a DO, she’s trained in Osteopathic Manipulation and did an extra year of OMT fellowship training during medical school.  She’s also a certified yoga instructor.

While at MIB this winter, she’ll be doing Bioimpedance Assessments, reviewing labs and doing exercise and eating prescriptions so that you can get back on track to health after the (possible?) excesses of the holidays.  We might also get her to do some OMT visits, in case you can’t get onto Dr Tom’s busy schedule.  I hope you get a chance to meet her, as her energy will help enliven MIB both this winter and possibly in the future!

More details of the programs will be coming soon.

It all started with a coupon….

This fall, a coupon for the food service Blue Apron arrived in my mail.  I had heard of these services where you order food, it arrives at your door, premeasured and ready for you to cook.  So I decided to give it a try.  My thinking was that I’d try it for myself and then know what to suggest to those of you who were having a hard time eating well.

We tried Blue Apron for two weeks.  It was ok–the recipes were fine, but nothing was organic, and there was no way to tell them I’m gluten free….and next to impossible to choose 3 meals a week from their offerings that fit our needs.  So, I kept searching….

Next, we found Sun Basket.  Everything is organic (ok, there was one conventional lemon!), and all the packaging is reusable and/or recyclable.  The recipes were more interesting, and I told them I’m gluten free and that’s all they showed me for weekly choices.  (You can tell them you’re paleo, or vegan, or vegetarian, or willing to eat anything!  They also include some breakfast choices)  So far, I think this is a much better choice.  With shipping, it’s about $75 dollars for 6 meals a week (2 servings each, 3 days of dinners).  Not inexpensive, but you don’t have to shop, and you also get to skip the “what do you want” conversation that we all hate so much.  Plus, the food is already in your fridge, so you kind of HAVE to cook, right? And, no leftover ends of veggies or sauce or herbs.

Next up to try is Green Chef; we’ll do that after the holidays.  No, I don’t expect that we’ll continue this long term, but it’s good to know first hand what might work for those of you with good intentions and no plans to implement those intentions.  Oh, and all of these food plans have no contract, you can skip weeks whenever you want, and cancel with no penalty.  Maybe give it a try!

January Food Group

Tuesday January 10th will be the regularly scheduled Food Group gathering, 7-9pm.  Topic will be Eating for Autoimmune Issues (we moved this topic from the cancelled November meeting).  Please plan on joining us, as it’s the best meal you’ll eat all month!

December’s gathering focused on foods, herbs and supplements to avoid colds and flu.  In addition, we heard about local houses of worship that regularly feed Bucks County’s homeless.  I have to admit, I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t know about all these wonderful people doing this work practically in my back yard!  Thanks for the info, Marion!

New at the office:  teas and roots

For purchase:  my own tea blends for Detox, Sleep and “Chill’in”.  Each bag lists the individual herbs included.

Also, time to make your soup even healthier and more immune-boosting:  add some dried astragalus root!  The shaved-thin root slices look a bit like a tongue depressor, and impart all the plant’s good stuff into your soup as it cooks.  Then just remove the root, as you would a bay leaf.  And coming soon, slices of dried reishi mushroom.  These can go into soup or just boil them into a warm drink along with cinnamon stick and clove.  Experiment!  Check with the front desk for more info.

Happy Winter Solstice to you all!