I hope you don’t think I’m being overly optimistic here…..but winter is the time to plan for spring renewal.  This spring we’ll be doing a 3 week long Renewal/Liver Detox, as we did last fall.  It seemed appropriate to let you know the details now so you’ll have time to plan, if you’re joining us.

It works like this:  participants will be eating a clean diet with an emphasis on kitchari, eliminating alcohol and added sugars of any kind, and focusing on foods that help the liver detox pathways.  So, plan on having kitchari for breakfast and/or lunch each day and then whatever healthy food you want to eat the rest of the day.  I’ll also be sharing a recipe for a soup that is easy to make and has much of the nutrients your body needs to do it’s detox work.  Obviously, we’ll be skipping junk food and other prepared foods.

Kitchari is a traditional stew of rice and split yellow mung beans.  It is easy to digest, and has the capacity to help gut inflammation heal up.  When you add in healthy veggies and healing spices and herbs, you end up having food as medicine.

We’ll be drinking a detox tea daily, formulated from herbs that help support the liver’s detoxification.  A sleep tea is also included, as these procedures get bogged down in those with insomnia.  The group stays in touch via a closed Facebook group, where we can ask questions, give encouragement and support, and otherwise be a community.  During the 3 weeks, in addition to “spring cleaning” our bodies, we’ll also be focusing on doing the same in other areas of our lives:  literally cleaning out the house, getting outside in Nature daily, doing daily meditation/Heartmath/yoga/tai chi/qi gong.  This is planned as a true reset; you owe it to yourself to give it a try!

Begins Saturday March 4, 2017 and continues through Saturday March 25, 2017.  (These are the dates I’ll be attending to the FB group; you can obviously start and stop on other days if they work better for you).

Cost:  $120    (Includes teas, updated electronic packet of info to help you personalize your detox, access to the group and my support)  Additional charge for kitarchi kit if you prefer to not make it entirely from scratch (kit includes rice, dal, spices, ghee)


February Food Group:  New Night

The second Tuesday of the month in February happens to be Valentine’s Day, so we’ll be moving the Food Group meeting to Tuesday, Feb 21st.  7-9pm as usual.  Topic for February is an Intro to Ayurveda (which might also help prepare you for the detox!).

March 14th’s topic will be the Medicinal Property of Common Culinary Herbs

If you’ve never come to Food Group, start this winter.  Good info, fun company, the best meal you’ll have all month.  Just bring a dish to share —some of us are vegetarians, some of us are vegans, some of us will eat animals so long as we know who raised them.  All of us care about eating well.


Time to Think about Community Supported Agriculture!

Yes, the growing season is still pretty far off, but our farmers are already planning ahead and need to know now who’s on board with them.  Also, they need cash now to get the plants into the ground (and do annual maintenance of equipment, and soil regeneration, etc).  So, sign up now, and don’t wait til the last minute.  Here’s a link with local options as of March 2016.