Happy Beltane!  (That’s the day midway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  Info here)

As things green-up and markets start to fill with more than just root veggies and greenhouse greens, I even find more fun stuff on our walks.  My training with David Winston has taught me to keep an eye out for all the various food and medicine plants that grow all around us.  The mugwort in the fields near our home is already nearly a foot high, and along the canal towpath I find ground ivy, speedwell and self heal.  Even violets, both in our yard and on our walks, can be both food and medicine.  Brad and the dogs are nice enough to wait for me as I forage along the walk, and I rarely walk without my gathering basket now.

That leads me to announce the “official” opening of the Medicine in Balance “Food is Medicine” Pantry.  As you may know, I’ve been concocting teas for awhile now, plus using more healing roots and mushrooms in cooking.  So, I’ve decided to make them available to you as well.  At the office, we currently carry 3 different teas (Detox, Sleep and Chillin’) as well as astragalus root and dried reishi mushroom slices.  I’ve also made up bundles of the ingredients I use to make a great immune boosting “tea”–astragalus, reishi, cinnamon, vanilla bean and ginger.  It tastes great and even makes the house smell fabulous as it brews.  And yeah, this isn’t food but it’s fun:  I make my own mugwort smudging sticks and dream pillows, so I have them for sale at the office as well.  Stop in sometime and check all this out!  Keep an eye out for new items during the summer; if you have a request for a tea for a specific issue, let me know and I’ll see if I can develop something appropriate.


May Food Group Moved to Tuesday 16th

I’ll be away on the second Tuesday, so we’ll meet on the third Tuesday instead.  Topic, by request, is a primer on homeopathy.  Join us, 7-9pm.  Bring something yummy to share, and be ready to learn and laugh.  Free!


Eden Energy Medicine 101 and 102

Taught by Siobhan Hutchinson, this energy work system helps you stay grounded, relieve stress and pain and more!  CE’s for RN’s and MT’s available.  Saturday and Sunday, May 20th and 21st, 9-5 at MIB.  Please contact Siobhan directly for details:  609-752-1048 or Siobhan@nextstepstrategiesllc.com.


Love Grows CSA

We’re happy to once again be a drop off spot for this innovative local CSA.  Grown only miles from our office, the produce is boxed and dropped with us for members to pick up on Thursdays from 3-6pm.  There are lots of new ways to customize your boxes this year, so check it out!  www.lovegrowscsa.com or lovegrowsfood@gmail.com.

foraging basket