Happy Lammas, the day midway between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox.  It’s a day to celebrate the harvest.  Yes, celebrate the vibrant red tomatoes and corn that is ripening…..but also celebrate all those seeds that you’ve planted that are now coming to fruition.  That new good habit, that new friendship, the work project that you’re proud of, the artwork you’ve been making.  All of it.  Lammas is about abundance and gratitude and thanks.  It’s about enjoying the long days before they disappear.  It’s about pausing and noticing all the good around us.  So, enjoy!


The Far Infrared Sauna is Open for Business!

We’ve set up a sauna for those who may be interested in and in need of deep detoxification.  Sweating allows us to release a much higher volume of toxins than simply oral chelation or urinary excretion.  It’s fairly quick (15-30 minutes) though it’s best done often (daily is ideal, though a few times a week works and simply takes a bit longer).  The usual course of treatment would take several months if done a few times a week, depending on the individual circumstance.

Please call ahead to schedule your time.  We block an hour in the room for you, so you’re not rushed and have plenty of time to cool off afterwards.  We don’t have a shower, though there is a sink in the room.  Please bring towels–we suggest 2-3, and perhaps a wash cloth as well.  You’ll use these both to sit on and dry off with.  If you forget your towels, you can still use the sauna; we’ll have some spares, but there will be an additional cost for the use of our towels, because frankly we don’t want to get in the business of doing laundry!

While you’re either waiting for the sauna to heat or as you cool off afterwards, feel free to use the Bemer machine that is in the same room.  The Bemer device produces an electronic frequency that stimulates your microcirculation–the tiniest blood vessels in the body.  This helps your body move toxins out and bring in fresh blood and immune particles if needed.  It’s a slow, steady kind of treatment; don’t expect any dramatic change with one or two treatments, but over time you’ll notice more energy and less fatigue.

We think the addition of these two technologies will help our patients heal faster and rid themselves of long term toxic overload more easily.  And face it, it forces you to sit and be still for a bit.  No working while in the sauna!!


Plan Ahead:  Fall Liver Detox

Can’t believe it’s time to think about this yet, but it is:  our 3 week liver detox is right around the corner.  This fall, we’ll start on Saturday, 9/16 and finish on Saturday, October 7th.  As usual, we’ll be sure to include the Fall Equinox.  Details will be forthcoming, but we’ll be doing a clean-eating, partial elimination diet assisted by my detox tea, sleep tea, and daily chats on our private Facebook Group.  There will also be a discount on use of the sauna during the detox for participants.  Put it on your calendar and plan to join us!


MIB Finally Gets a Certified Nutritionist!

Kristin Tomlinson, CCN, will be joining MIB this month to help you all with your nutritional questions.  Kristin completed her degree in clinical nutrition at Academy of Natural Health Sciences, and bolsters that training with a background in health coaching, as well as training in massage and as a yoga instructor.  She’s the one who will take my “do this” advice and help you make it practical.  She can also give exercise prescriptions and help answer questions when your head is swimming with all that you and I cover in a visit.

One of the things I most respect about Kristin is that she walks her talk.  Like all of us, she’s had her health challenges and has made the needed modifications in her life to switch things around and regain good health.  I’m really happy to welcome her into the MIB family and can’t wait to see how much better you’ll all do by incorporating her advice!


August Food Group:  August 8th  7pm-9pm

We have no set agenda for this month, but I imagine you’ll see a lot of tomato and corn dishes being shared.  If you’re new to eating healthy, please come join us–we love to answer questions and share recipes and ideas.  It’s the best meal you’ll have all month.  And it’s free!