It’s nearly September, which is a bit hard to imagine.  But I’m loving these cool nights and not so muggy days!

It’s time to start looking ahead to the Fall, so here’s some reminders of what’s new at MIB and how to use us to improve your health, build resiliency and simply feel better!

3 Week Fall Liver Detox

I used to think we did the most damage to ourselves over the holidays, with excesses starting at Halloween and ending on New Year’s Eve.  However, I’m beginning to think we do more during the summer!  Think of all those picnics, backyard barbeques, family reunions…food and drink we wouldn’t usually consume, but hey, it’s a party, right?  Even when we’re careful, there’s always the temptation of excess fruit.  So, in the fall it’s a good time to give our livers a break.  That’s why we do the detox each year.

It works like this:  participants will be eating a clean diet with an emphasis on kitchari, eliminating alcohol and added sugars of any kind, and focusing on foods that help drive the liver detox pathways.  So, plan on having kitchari for breakfast and/or lunch each day and then whatever healthy food you want to eat the rest of the day (there will be list of suggestions!). Obviously, we’ll be skipping junk food and other prepared foods.  No medical food powders in this version of the liver detox, which is different from what we used to do.

Kitchari is a traditional stew of rice and split yellow mung beans.  It is easy to digest, and has the capacity to help gut inflammation heal up.  When you add in healthy veggies and healing spices and herbs, you end up having food as medicine….my idea of the way to go if possible.

We’ll be drinking a detox tea daily, formulated from herbs that help support the liver’s detoxification.  A sleep tea is also included, as these procedures get bogged down in those with insomnia.  The group stays in touch via a closed Facebook group, where we can ask questions, give encouragement and support, and otherwise be a community.  During the 3 weeks, in addition to cleaning up our bodies, we’ll also be focusing on doing the same in other areas of our lives:  literally cleaning out the house, getting outside in Nature daily, doing daily meditation/Heartmath/yoga/tai chi/qi gong.  This is planned as a true reset; you owe it to yourself to give it a try and incorporate all aspects as best you can.

During this time, we’ll also be offering a discount on the use of the far infrared sauna.  The whole purpose of the sauna is to improve the body’s detoxification, via pathways aside from those the liver uses.  The sauna would be the perfect companion to the changed eating patterns, so I encourage you to try it out during this time.  And since improperly dealing with stress is a major problem for our body’s ability to detoxify, Brad has offered to cut his prices for either a first time or follow up visit to learn Heartmath techniques.

The Detox begins Saturday September 16, 2017 and continues through Saturday October 7, 2017.  (These are the dates I’ll be attending to the FB group; you can obviously start and stop on other days if they work better for you).

Cost:  $120    (Includes teas, updated electronic packet of info to help you personalize your detox, access to the group and my support)  Additional charge for kitchari kit if you prefer to not make it entirely from scratch (kit includes rice, dal, spices, ghee).  Sauna package for participants:  6 visits to be used during the 3 week time frame, only $50 ($90 value).  Heartmath training for participants:  90 minute visit to be scheduled during the 3 week time frame, $50 ($100 value).  Please call the office to get set up:  215-741-1600


September Food Group:  Stocking the Winter Larder

Join us Tuesday 9/12/17 for our monthly Healthy Living Food Group potluck.  This month, we’ll be discussing how to stock your winter larder:  freezing, canning, dehydrating and other methods of preserving the current bounty of food to see you into the winter months.  We’ll point out what technique works best for various foods, how to invest in the right equipment, and how to keep track of and rotate the food you currently have “put up”.

Bring a healthy dish to share and all your questions!  7pm-9m.  Free!


Nutritional Counseling

As part of your work in getting back into a healthy routine after the excesses of the summer, consider making an appointment with Kristin Tomlinson for nutritional counseling.  If you need to cut your sugar and insulin levels, or are concerned about your recent cholesterol levels, or are having autoimmune issues or histamine reactions to food, she’s equipped to help you make the changes you need.  Personalized nutrition, and plenty of coaching…’s the best way to stick to a new plan.  Call for an apt:  215-741-1600


Do you know how to Listen?

Many of us think so, and most of us are wrong.  Listening is a tough thing to do, and many of us have lost track of the basics; we don’t listen well to others, to Nature or to ourselves.  Here’s how to remedy that:  Lisa Weikel is offering a weekend Listening Retreat Friday September 29th through Sunday October 1st.  “A rustic cabin, a fire pit (outside), a fireplace (inside, in case it rains), an ancient creek…kindred spirits…need I say more?”.  These weekends are about being in Nature, cherishing silence (no, it’s not a silent retreat), being with others on the path, engaging in ceremony and learning how to take a “shamanic journey”.  I’ve done a Listening Retreat with Lisa, which led me to further study with her.  Trust me, you owe yourself this opportunity.  It just might open up doors you didn’t even know were closed!

Price:  $425.  Includes meals and lodging.  6pm Friday through 3pm Sunday. Location is Tinicum Township, Bucks County. Contact Lisa directly to get registered:  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!


Functional Forum Event

If you’re not aware, the Functional Forum is a grassroots nation-wide group of integrative practitioners interested in Functional Medicine.  Started by James Maskell in NYC, it began as a live broadcast and now incorporates gatherings of like minded practitioners around the country who discuss different topics in Functional Medicine and health promotion.

Good news is that Bucks County has a Functional Forum group, and I’ve been asked to present at the September gathering.  The topic will be “Surviving and Thriving in Our Toxic World”.  To be held Wednesday September 27th at 7pm, at the Community Center at the Willow Grove Giant.  It’s free!  For more info:  Come join us, as it will be a lot of fun.  Always nice to meet with other like minded folks!


And I just want to make a final comment:  you really should check out our sauna.  I stayed at the office late today to spend time in there.  I sat, initially meditating, then listening to a book on tape.  It felt good to sweat, and actually helped me feel energized for the evening.  Laurie Van Valkenburgh regularly enjoys the sauna when she’s at the office as well, and we agree that it’s helping us feel our best even more than we expected.  Try it out!