This is turning out to be a truly odd fall, isn’t it?  I should NOT be wearing shorts and have the AC on during the second week in October.  Go figure.

A few things going on at MIB that you need to know about:

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Siobhan Hutchinson, who has taught Tai Chi Chih as well as Eden Energy Medicine at MIB in the past, is offering a FREE beginner’s workshop on Tuesday, 10/17/17 at 7pm.  Come see what it’s all about.  RSVP:  609-752-1048

Then, take the full course (Eden Energy Medicine 101 and 102) at MIB, Saturday and Sunday 11/11/17-11/12/17  9am-5pm each day.  CE’s available for massage therapists.  Please contact Siobhan directly to pre-register:  609-752-1048 or


October Food Group:  10/10/17

This month, we’ll be covering “Confusing diet information” and discussing what to believe and what to take with a big grain of salt.  If you’ve ever been confused by conflicting science—everyone should eat a ketogenic diet, vs everyone should eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, vs lectins are bad for you—-then this gathering is for you.  We may not have all the answers, but we’ll have a lively discussion and try to weed out info that might not pertain to your particular situation.

Bring a dish to share and an open mind.  7-9pm.  Free!


Get Your Eating Under Control Before the Holidays Arrive

So you intended to get your crazy summer eating under control…..but you got busy with the new school year, or travel for work conferences, or just life.  And here it is, October already, and the first of the food holidays is just around the corner.

Consider getting some nutritional counseling done NOW so you have a plan.  Kristin Tomlinson is available to review your diet diary, do a Bioimpedence Assessment (your body composition/ fat-to-muscle ratio) and work with you to plot out a plan that makes sense for your life.  Day and evening appointments available.  215-741-1600


Far Infrared Sauna

We’ve officially completed the Fall Liver Detox, but the sauna is available year round for use in removing toxins from your tissues.  Although it can remove heavy metals, it’s best at removing pesticides, BPA, phthalates and the like, which get stashed in fat and organs and remain a source of low-level inflammation for your body to deal with.  Research shows far infra-red can be helpful for autoimmune issues, blood pressure issues, as well as much more.  Sessions are affordable and you can set up your own schedule.  Call for more info:  215-741-1600.


Hiking Mount Tremper in the Catskills