Holiday Gift Ideas for Better Health

 From the MIB Pantry

  • Immune Tea Bundle $16 per bag, 4 bundles per bag, makes ~4 gallons!
  • Detox Tea $9 per bag, makes ~25-30 cups (currently sold out, sorry)
  • Sleep Tea $9 per bag, makes ~25-30 cups
  • Chillin’ Tea $9 per bag, makes ~25-30 cups
  • Astragalus Root $4 per bottle
  • Reishi mushroom pieces $4 per bottle
  • Mugwort smudge sticks Handmade in ceremony by Dr Warner from foraged mugwort.  $3-$4
  • Dream pillows (mugwort and holy basil) Handmade by Dr Warner from foraged herbs  $15


Gift Certificates

  • Far infrared Sauna packages: 10 sessions for $120 or 5 sessions for $60 (this shorter version is new for the holidays!)
  • Yoga classes : whatever amount you like, payable directly to the instructor of choice (email your request to
  • Supplement closet: help someone pay for the supplements they use all the time!  Whatever amount you wish to give
  • Sessions with any of our practitioners—please speak with them directly. Amount to be determined and payable directly to the practitioner


December Food Group:  12/12/17 (this week!)

Topic for this month, as per our usual tradition, will be sharing recipes for healthier appetizers and desserts….so we’re all prepared for the upcoming holiday parties and get togethers.  Yep, it’s possible to celebrate and stick to your preferred eating habits.

Please bring a dish to share PLUS copies of the recipe.

We’ll spend our time enjoying good food and celebrating the group we’ve formed.  Come and check us out!  7-9pm, free!