Ok, I’m spending a snow day writing this…..and although it’s beautiful, I’m not looking forward to the single digit and below-zero wind chills that will arrive after this snow!

But don’t let the snow get you down.  It’s still a good time to make plans for a healthier year.  (Yeah, I know you made New Year’s resolutions, but it’s into the first week already and I doubt very many of us have actually gotten started yet, right?).  Suggestions:  start coming to Food Group and learn about better eating; come do some nutritional counseling with Kristin (at a discount!); do some detox sessions in our far infrared sauna; try a yoga class.  See details below:

Food Group

January 9th:  topic is slow cooking.  There’s more to slow cooking than meat and potatoes

February 13th:  we’re doing a “red” theme, since it’s right before Valentine’s.  Use your imagination, and we’ll talk about health benefits of red foods.

Each month, we meet from 7-9pm.  Bring a dish to share; it’s free!  The best meal you’ll eat all month!

Nutritional Counseling

You know you “should” eat more clean, and probably actually want to….let Kristin Tomlinson, CLN, help you make it a reality.  Learn the basics of whole foods cooking and eating to improve your health and support your efforts in modifying chronic health conditions.  The two of you will figure out the details for your own lifestyle (not just my simple suggestions of “do this!”).

Get in touch with her during the month of January to take advantage of her current special:  a package of 3 1-hour sessions for $199 (regularly $225).   For more information, contact her at Kristin@medicineinbalance.com or 215-589-0757


New to yoga, or simply feel you need a small class with lots of attention?  We can help you out.  Jess Kramer is offering a Monday morning class from 9am-10:15 and a Friday morning class from 10-11:15.  Contact her today for details and to get registered:  yoga@medicineinbalance.com.

Far Infrared Sauna

This is a fabulous way to rev up your detoxification…which most of us can use right now, right?  And since it’s heat-related, it’s energetically the best way to detox during cold weather.  It requires multiple sessions to get benefit, but think of it as “forced” time in a quiet room, so you can start up your meditation or Heartmath practice at the same time!  Call the office for details.


Last Chance to Let Me Know

In a prior blog, I mentioned wanting to start up a discussion group around Perennial Wisdom:  those ideas commonly held by various faith groups.  I have heard from a few of you, but currently don’t have enough interest to get this up and running yet.  If you are interested, please contact me asap, as I need to make a decision by 1/12/18 as to whether or not to move forward.  Please contact me directly, and make sure you put “Cup of Wisdom” in the email subject line.  See the other blog for details