Recently, I took yet another certification exam.  I hate exams, at least multiple choice ones.  Especially when they’re on a computer, and security is crazy tight (hand scans, photos, leave your id on the desk so the camera that’s aimed at you the whole time can see it).  But at least it’s over, and no, I won’t know if I passed or not for at least a month.

I sat back afterwards and realized that for the first time in ages, I have no studying to do!  No current herbal classes, no exams, no webinars to prepare, and the next class I’m teaching isn’t til the fall.  Wow!  Maybe that means I’ll get out in the yard to play in the perennial beds more.  Maybe I’ll be able to spend some time updating things at the office.  Woo Hoo!

And I need to comment about the sauna and how it’s helped me out.  I’ve been in the far infrared sauna on average twice a week since August, and I just did some labs.  If anything, my eating and alcohol intake has been the same or a bit worse during the past 6 months, and the sauna is really the only thing I’ve done differently.  My autoimmune issues and inflammatory markers are the best they’ve been in a long time!  I’m assuming that this is from my sweating out pesticides and other organic pollutants that I’ve been carrying around since childhood (we actually used to ride our bikes behind the “mosquito truck”, not realizing that inhaling DDT might be a bad idea!).  There is also some research that shows direct improvement of the immune system function over time with far infrared sauna use.  If you’re dealing with the same thing, consider checking it out!

The other new thing I’ve done:  I got a stand/sit converter for my desk.  Since I sit with you all at my round table all day long, it’s a nice change to be able to stand up at my desktop computer to attend to emails, etc.  As they say, “sitting is the new smoking”.

Here’s some other updates:

Wednesday Yoga has moved to 5-6pm with Doris.  End your day with some restorative yoga. Contact her at

Health Coaching/ Nutritional Counseling sessions are available from both Kristin Tomlinson and Dana Barron.  They each have special strengths and interests, so everyone should be able to find the right match.

Meditation Workshops are planned for May with Laurie Van Valkenburgh.  Set for Wednesdays, they will conclude right in time to go to Doris’s restorative yoga class!  More details to follow.

Reversing Chronic Pain is a 10-week workshop that we might be offering if there’s enough interest.  Dana Barron is doing this as a group downtown from May through September, and I pointed out that our folks won’t want to go that far.  So, if you’re interested in working with her to relieve the pain of chronic back issues, fibromyalgia, Lyme, headaches/migraines, neuropathy or whatever, then please contact her:  Hopefully, there will be enough interest and we can get a group started at MIB!

New Teas!  We’re now carrying Wise Woman Tea which will be helpful for those of us of “a certain age”.  Not entirely intended to help with hot flashes (though it might), it’s a nourishing tea for this time in our lives.  I’ve also added Echinacea and Roots Blend, which is a decoction blend designed by Mountain Rose Herbs–you need to simmer it on a stove, but it’s absolutely fabulous for fighting off viruses and helping your immune system.  Come check these out along with our other teas and “Food Pantry” items.

MIB helping to sponsor “Cooking for a Cause” which is an event to raise money for Girls Unlimited, a program supported by the Peace Center which helps young girls deal with bullying.  It is an award winning program with documented results.  You should seriously consider checking this out!

May Food Group is 5/8 and the topic is Cinco de Mayo!  Yeah, this is a made up holiday, but it’s a great excuse to try our hand at making good Mexican food that is also healthful.  Come join us!  7-9pm, free!