Imagine a group of women physicians—integrative holistic practitioners at a Women’s breakfast meeting at the American Holistic Medicine Association annual conference in the early 2000’s.  We as a group are really good at solving problems, and willing to jump in and help others.  But we didn’t go to business school, so we don’t know how to do “the ask”.

One of our leaders, Bethany Hays MD, had just personally learned how to speak up and ask for what she wanted–she was founding her integrative medical center True North and was learning how to ask for funding.  She is a powerful woman, but found this “ask” really intimidating.  We physicians are trained to make things happen ourselves, to be self sufficient; we also (most of us) prefer to not be in the spotlight, on the “hot seat”.

So guess what Bethany had us do at that breakfast meeting?  She offered the microphone to anyone who needed to ask for funding for their personal project.  Asked us to get out our checkbooks in case any of these projects spoke to us.  3 or 4 women gulped, stood nervously, and told us about the work they were doing and why it deserved our attention and our funds.  It was a learning moment for all of us.

So now here’s my “ask”…..and it doesn’t involve your checkbook.

I am looking for testimonials about care you have received at Medicine in Balance, either by me or any of the other practitioners.  Maybe my staff was particularly wonderful and you’d like to acknowledge that.  Whatever; if you have something to share, we could really use it.  We’re revamping our website and I’m told this would be good to have on board.  Or you could go to Google and leave a note there.  Or MIB’s Facebook page.  It feels really odd to ask you to sing my praises, but frankly, it would be incredibly helpful.

If you’d like to be anonymous, please send it directly to my ‘webmistress’ Kathie Jankauskas ( and just put “MIB” in the subject line.  (she won’t recognize your email address, and your name won’t mean anything to her anyway!) Otherwise send it directly to me at  Or go straight to Google, Facebook, etc and work your magic.

Thanks so much for your consideration!